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  1. Concerning the wider rear track, that's what Olds did with the SCX. Rear axle was out of the Beretta GT. Along with dual rear bars. The Archers did ok with the Quad 4. First hand experience-Thing cornered like a beast for the day. Had to pull the abs fuse due to picking up the inside rear when driving hard on the back roads. ie-Mid 90's when I had mine. Red '92. Unfortunately it had A/C, like 95% of them. No Torsen. Considered buying one of the old Archer Express cars 10 or so years ago. Should have for the price. 4 figures. The 92 is legal for Chump btw. Around 1200 built.
  2. So you were running a poor man's three link unintentionally?
  3. That trans sure sounds like a dog box in their vids. An M22 isn't truly straight cut, but they don't have the crunch on shifts either like The Blitzmobile. To note-Im a fan of the Blitz T/A. Like you say, 2nd gens are a great platform for a Chump. Hard to find a usable one at a reasonable price up nort though. Front suspension is very good, not far off a C3 really, with a big tank.
  4. Been drifting in snow and ice for decades. I find it more interesting with a 4x4 and a locker in the rear.
  5. Trying to calculate the points the Aerocoupe window will cost me on an 83.... Will NOT ever have a Petty scheme. I'd go with the Jaws Tide Ride way before anything with an STP logo on it.
  6. YAAAAASSSSSSS! Wait... I don't recall an orange Dekon..
  7. Knowing the manifolds on the Smokeymobile, I'm thinking some longtubes would gain more than 15. The downside is quality headers for that car are seriously expensive. And then you have the clearance concerns Dave brought up. He should just rent out the Camaro and build a Super Sport.
  8. Joey? No one cares about Joey. Frankly, there are few names left in the game. Harvick is one of the biggest, which says a lot. Or little. There's no Petty, Pearson, Waltrip, Allison, Yarborough, Earnhardt anymore.
  9. Grabed another Muncie. Early one, so have to find somone that can bore it for the one inch countershaft.
  10. The 225'l s are winter tires. Frankly, the ATS would destroy every BMW on the track. The Beemer guys know this. It'll wreck anything short of an M3.. New one. And the V will take care of that. Driven them, the Monte will blow minds. Way faster than an ATS 3.6 around a course. I have one, so know.
  11. I'm only 47, and frankly hate the Woods. Well, not hate..., The last team that is old school. Love them. Hate what they run. And Pearson was the man. If I was a team owner back in the day I'd take him over Petty every day.