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  1. Assuming WI is not reasonable distance, any idea what shipping might be? Or is a used fuel cell problematic?
  2. 88 is the one year it had a pretty good suspension.
  3. Yeah. Just putting poly in is counterproductive as it just locks the rear not allowing it to twist.
  4. 2:48 by Ludicrous Speed is pretty sporty. What kind of car? Would much rather be there than at work.
  5. Saying that, I can throw a LS1 in it, but not a 5.3..... 98 to 02 F bods are on the list now. I'm trying to be nice however...
  6. I know Donohue ran a M22, but that straight cut thing of beauty is a bit of overkill here. The wide ratio M20 might be right for this underpowered crapbox. How's shipping from the great white north?
  7. To be totally honest, even though Dave suggests it, this car will never have a T56. The suspension science won't allow it. fracking points. Yes, I want.
  8. From what I see Super T 10's are even more expensive than Muncie's
  9. Obviously won't make it faster, but i am already debating paint. The Gant Bandit scheme is obviously very high on the list, but I've always been a huge fan of this.