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  1. To fit the thread, I made some calls today. 4150 on deck. 750 probably a skosh big, but will work. I'll need a throttle stop for mileage anyway...
  2. I want to know if he's ever considered dynoing his snowblower. I think he has...
  3. Like Dave said, Vortec. Will rip in an S10. Or get stupid with a LS1. Stupid equals good timez and increased rear tire wear. In other words, The Fiero (note caps) is ready?
  4. Yeah. Find one of either cheap. Good luck. And I'd rather make a metric work than try to fix a torsion bar Moped front end.
  5. Those are as hard, or harder, to find around here as a metric. At least they don't want as much, usually, when you do find one. Heavier than a G stock. Stripped.... Would work well here methinks. Edit-In other words, would take a Vortec swap no problem.
  6. My 180's run that way, but I'm putting 90's on the collectors, a y pipe and muffler in the door. Passenger might get warm but I don't ride over there.
  7. That would be a handful. Sounds fun.
  8. It's a thought. Probably have all the Northstar specific Kent Moore tools at the shop. Even then, I really don't want to work on one. And lightened up the front weight bias may be a little too impressive
  9. With the engine being half under the windshield 180's likely won't work either. Edit-I wouldn't want to try and install them anyway. May work with the subframe engine install though. No distro to worry about as well. Sounding better by the minute...
  10. You'll be competitive. Us old school boys know a few tricks. I must say this; nowhere in this thread is there any misdirection. Seriously... Look forward to Super Sport versus Underturd.
  11. Not at all... Obviously being facetious. A V6 120 hp 3500 lb car with crappy suspension is 250 points in this series for a reason. Still chuckle about the 530 point Eldo's. Guess someone thinks this is a drag race.
  12. Speaking about the above; An outfit in La Crosse is making legal metric frames now. Why? Because the circle racers have cleaned out the yards. Front clips are hard to come by anymore. Local yard has around 1000 cars I'll guess. Not a single 78 to 88 g body in there. I've checked more than once. And yet they have Opels and awd Audi's...
  13. No one is going to race an A body these days. Not in bomber anyway. Worth too much unless it's a four door. Long wb does have benefits... usually easier to drive. Not faster, just easier. And frankly, the suspension isn't that much better. The 2nd gen F bod is very good however. Part of the reason you see them. In the front. Leaf's are a science I don't even try. Would rather tune up a factory 4 link. My factory four link will have a panhard bar.... Think on that.