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  1. Recommend that you post on the miata.net forum, there's a price-check forum that is make specifically for this purpose. IMHO, your car sounds like a running, no-rust, low-ish mileage example with minor clear coat issues. Since it's an M it is worth a bit more. I think $3000 is too low, you could probably command a price in the $4 to 5K range depending on overall condition. But post some pics and details on miata.net to get a consensus.
  2. Unrelated question ... what car # are you again? Just asking
  3. Yours is pretty good value too
  4. https://www.dropbox.com/s/fiotexc51tjcw86/Mosport Supps July 2017.pdf?dl=0
  5. Sorry Jerry, was a little in-context fun poking, no offense ... what if I use more emoji's to take the edge off I'm a huge fan of your MR2, always have been. Looking forward to racing against you guys at Mosport in a couple weeks.
  6. ChumpCast?
  7. interesting. Re-read the facebook post and it says RE: 3H Birthday Part, "Cars will be mixed class and award podium for the 3 fastest cars." You're interpretating that to mean the fastest single lap-time FTD within 3Hs wins an award. It could also mean the cars that complete the most laps in 3 hours are the "fastest" (as in a ChumpCar race) ... probably worth clarifying with Wendy and Sal what the rules are for the 3H. UPDATE Clarification from ChumpCar Canada: 3H Race Awards are for the highest number of laps completed, not for the fastest lap within the 3H period. It's a race, not time attack.
  8. Good question. From my understanding it's not fixed as in your team's class is known prior to qualifying ... so ya it appears, from the outside observer, to be a bit arbitrary. In practice by Saturday lunch everyone was settled in a class and things run well. I wonder if assigned classes persist to the next race? It would be logical if it did. In my opinion this class ambiguity is the main drawback, But again, the ambivalence on the car build and rules is a refreshing benefit.
  9. In my 1 experience with AER I think they do a good job of classing/re-classing, I didn't notice any ridiculously fast cars being poorly driven in a lower class. Before lunch all the rocket-ships were in GT5 and the rest of the field was classed accordingly. The trade off is not having to worry about the build of the car or rules lawyering. Limitless budget teams can do whatever they want (basically) and all that matters is lap times. On the other hand Chumpcar seems to have closer racing because of the "single class" thing.
  10. The ChumpCar US schedule can be found here. There are plenty of events remaining this year all across the country depending on your destination and time frame of travel. https://chumpcar.com/pdf/2017ChumpCarSchedule.pdf Firstly, it sounds like you've got a good heart and a worthy cause given your beating prostate cancer. Kudos for wanting to give back and making a difference. Maybe you could clarify what is your intended plan? It sounds like you have a group of drivers that want to travel to the US to compete in an event, which is great. It also sounds like you want to buy a street car, prepare it, and then race? If that's so, wow that's a big undertaking. Are you planning on renting a garage, buying all the required gear, welding in a cage, etc etc? Do you have a reasonably unlimited budget? Are you very competent mechanics? This sounds like an episode of Top Gear. IMHO this is a recipe for not finishing a race, any race. Prepping a car to run 2 races of 7 to 9 hours over 2 days, or a 24 hour race 😮 takes time AND lots of race miles on that platform. There are many YouTube videos of guys taking a car, doing a mad rush of preparing it just in time, starting the race only to fail after a few hours if lucky. Something you may want to consider is renting from an established team that has a well prepared car. It will cost you less time and money, and maybe you can focus your efforts on the cancer fundraising and awareness campaign. There are many teams that would be more than willing to rent out all the stints to your team of guys. Just my $0.02
  11. Isn't Jerome Enger, Jerry from the Biohazard team? MR2V6 for all! I'm sure he won't intentionally fudge the books
  12. If there aren't enough entries then Sal and Wendy can't make the numbers work. Therefore, no more ChumpCar Canada. This move can potentially attract some regional racers (e.g. CASC) and hopefully convert them to the awesomeness that is ChumpCar. Going forward, if you want to race ChumpCar in Canada, opening these 3H races to attract more attendance is a step to ensure that you and your team can continue to do so. As an aside, CASC has expanded their 3H enduro races (since last year) to allow ChumpCar teams to race without the required license. They're attempting to eat some of ChumpCar's lunch, I think it's only fair that ChumpCar do the same
  13. Umm ... the 3H races happen during the 8 hour race, at the same time. Unless you're suggesting he sit out 3 hours of the 8 hours?
  14. IMHO that's a very optimistic estimate. A good turnout would be in the 50 range. Back in 2015 the inaugural CTMP season opener had 45 cars but fast-forward to the 2016 season ending ChumpionShip only had about 37. Other 2016 CTMP races had as low as 23 cars. At Watkins Glen in May there were 107 cars ... there was 1 bad wreck, but other than that I believe the carnage was minimal. No reason to be scared.
  15. It doesn't have to be that way. The reason we race wheel to wheel is to pass and be passed. With faster cars on track it gives us a chance to hone our race-craft. Wanna get better faster, then race in traffic. Be vigilant with the mirrors, hold your line, learn to turn consistent laps with our without traffic. If this is what it takes for ChumpCar Canada to survive and thrive in our region then we should embrace and support this move. Get the word out to your friends that race in other organizations in Canada and let's have a strong attendance to this event! The more the merrier!