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  1. Good to know, who is offering this service and where onsite?
  2. That's a Gulf station right at the bottom of the big hill at Old Corning Rd and Franklin (the main street). There's also a Sunoco at Franklin and 9th that's got 93 octane. And for buying parts, there's an Advanced Auto (by the Tops grocery store) and Carquest (closer to the harbor) in town.
  3. In that case either KnowRoaming or Roam Mobility will work. Roam is a bit cheaper I think ... $24 for 4 days and worked fine for live timing. If you do end up signing up for KnowRoaming, please use promo-code JERCH85 so you'll get $3 off the sim-car and we both get $5 credit.
  4. I tried Know Roaming for $25USD for 3 days unlimited data only on AT&T. On my iPhone it would connect at 3G not LTE, but on an Android phone it connected at 4G. On 3G I was getting 10mbps downloads and 1mbps uploads. Unfortunately at WGI the streaming video using Larix broadcaster was very laggy even when I turned the resolution way down to less than 640x480. It was unwatchable.
  5. Dam! Hope there's a similar incentive for Watkins Glen!
  6. Is this the right place for support? I setup the Larix app on an Android phone and setup the connection to Racecast. When I back out to the camera screen and start the video recording, it shows on the bottom left 0bps, 0B. And after 15 seconds or so says "RaceCat.me Network failure could not not connect to server". Help? Update: Figured it out, my Android phone was running a firewall that defaults apps to no network <face palm>
  7. From Facebook, ChumpCar Canada and NEO Motorsports has partnered with Ian Law Racing for one a Car Control School driver training. May 6th $425 and it appears to be at CTMP DDT (not the main track). As an aside, back in 2004 and 2005 I attended several ILR schools and found them greatly beneficial. Many of the fundamental lessons are directly applicable in ChumpCar racing today. Lessons like optimizing weight transfer, smooth is (often) fast, racing line, threshold braking, etc. A phrase that I vividly remember Ian saying was, "Practice doesn't make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect". From my experience it wasn't an edge of your seat thrill-ride from start to finish, but it laid a solid foundation as I started out in this hobby of high-performance driving and eventually racing.
  8. That's not normal wear on a clock-wise track. Are your calipers remans? Are they the same make? Sounds like you're riding the bumpstops ... spring-rates?
  9. Interesting, for the east races we always have the pace-truck.
  10. even for the 2 other cars that broke down completely or ran poorly? Hmm ... as a rental team that's good to know.
  11. @CutlassRacerEven if you took the 10 20 point hit for the oil cooler, you'd still have won by 6 5 3 laps (Daytona was a 14H race). And now that the penalty laps don't carry to the next race there's nothing stopping you from repeating that. You've clearly set your heels and closed your mind on this one, so as a member of ChumpCar the process is simple. Formulate a well formed petition, submit it to the board (presumably you've done this already) and accept their judgement. If they disagree, will you take your ball and go play somewhere else, or will you concede that our leadership has heard you and made a reasonable judgement based on they believe is best for the series? If we take a step back here, if 10 20 pt oil coolers are the most egregious part of the 2017 rules I say that's a big win for the current ChumpCar leadership's . Well, that and once turbo builds start blowing us all away ... I'm sure there's room on the forum to have a lively discussion about that.
  12. No that was Biohazard, they took a hard hit at the bottom of 2.
  13. The Donjoy Iceman cold therapy box is a lot too small to use for endurance racing. On a hot day you'll get maybe 1 stint out of it. Even the UltraChiller cylinder I'm not convinced it will last an 8 hour race. I too just built one out of a 63L cooler, 12v bilge bump, random Home Depot fittings, and cannibalized the Donjoy for the tubes and shirt fittings. It's cheap, holds a ridiculous amount of cube ice and will last a full day. Used these 2 DIYs as inspiration. http://www.ghidinelli.com/2011/02/28/diy-cool-shirt-system http://www.eatsleeptinker.com/2015/07/17/diy-homemade-cooling-shirt-system/
  14. I don't think that passengers are allowed on Friday, but best to check with Chisek. Last May's WGI event the tech line-up was mad long. The inspection spot is the first set of garage stalls closest to the track entrance and the lineup goes all the way around the garage building, depending when you get there. We lined-up for about 45 minutes and then I got word that they honor Canadian tech sign-off so it turned out that we didn't have to wait. But this time it's our first event so we too have to get tech'ed there. Last time there were over 100 cars registered ... I wanna say 108, so that's why tech took a LONG time. I also remember it was hot, so we pushed the car forward, stood in the garage and waited until the lineup moved.
  15. We were at the same race and as a counter-point the Hankook RS3's offered no grip on Saturday's first stint in the downpour, until it dried out completely. Now it's entirely possible the tires were fine but that I just suck. I had the distinction of sliding off sideways in turn 1 on the first green lap before most cars had even crossed the start line.