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  1. Interesting, so in the US it would seem this year you still do the combined trophy / P1-3 are not exempt from the class win. @MR2 Biohazard are you sure there's no more US combined trophies this year? Maybe @Bill Strong could confirm for us?
  2. Then or now? In a previous post Troy said that now they would receive P3 but not 1st in B class. My question was, when did that change?
  3. Really? At our first WGI event last year (2016), Day 2 we came in 9th place in B class, and Simon Says coming in 3rd. We thought they would be exempted from the class win because they were in the Top 3 but then their trophy had a combined 3rd place AND 1st in B class. When did this change in the US?
  4. To be clear Troy, that was a Canada region specific condition. From experience in the US East (presumably it's the same in Central and West), the 1st in class trophies are awarded the way that's normal to you and your fellow American Chumpers (e.g. Overall 1st place also gets a combined trophy for 1st in whatever class they are assigned and so forth). We Canadians see that Wendy and Sal do everything possible to encourage us Chumps and make the races a super-fun time for all. They bend over backwards to welcome our teams into their racing family ... It's a slightly different "feel" or "culture" compared to the few US events I've attended (where were also amazing). I believe, but can't speak for them, they are trying to spread out the winning by exempting the overall 1-3 winners from receiving another trophy for a 1st in class and allowing other teams that didn't win a trophy to still fight for and win an in-class trophy. Again in Canada our regional racing kind of works this way. We don't have WRL or AER so don't have the same choice you guys have in the US. Totally respect your feelings about getting a trophy that you feel you didn't deserve in Canada ... definitely stick to your principles and give the trophy away as you feel is right the next time your race here. Let's be clear that that situation doesn't occur at US events and accordingly there's nothing broken with ChumpCar overall that needs to fixed unilaterally for the class trophies. Granted, the "classing system" is another matter.
  5. Looks like Gordon Freeman
  6. The way the Canadian region awards trophies is: - Overall P1, 2, 3 receive trophies appropriately numbered - P1 - 3 are not eligible for their class win (key difference to US) - Class winners (P1 only) receive a trophy - Spirit of Chump trophy exists and is awarded to a deserving team I started racing in Canada 3 seasons ago so this was always normal. At our first US race we observed that the class wins were awarded without consideration to overall winner, so P1 automatically gets a combined P1 overall and a P1 class trophy. Another data point is that KSRD/Junction also races in regional racing where each class receive 1-3 trophies regardless of field numbers. If there's only 1 car in a class, they get a 1st place trophy. It may seem odd as an outsider but it's the way they have always done it and it's expected by their "customers". No answers here, but just a bit of context to the OP's original post.
  7. I was afraid that this new rule would spark outrage from those that are unable to complete a race. in the interest of fairness, and with the added benefit of reducing costs and wear/tear, all teams that attend the drivers meeting will be randomly assigned a finishing position regardless of taking the track. It's the only way to make everyone happy.
  8. This series has been unfairly skewed to the teams that finish ahead of others. A new timing and scoring model is required to level the playing field. Each car that takes the checker flag is randomly assigned a finishing position so that the wins can be distributed equally among all finishing competitors.
  9. We're on our 3rd this year. And this one has a bad 5th gear grind already
  10. What kind of service does a Class A require? And where do you get it serviced?
  11. I like that the firm dates are released as they are confirmed. Allows us to better plan our seasons. More Watkins Glen please! I'd love to see more than one event there per year ... it's such a phenomenal venue!
  12. Wow that's a great shot! The blurred out background and in-focus is spot on! Thanks for sharing
  13. A few problems with this, the microphone will pickup tons of background wind and car noise. You won't be able to talk clearly with the driver. Also, depending on the event and track cellphone coverage can be spotty or overloaded. At WGI in May Bill Strong was having problems with the cell data streaming and even maintaining a voice connection for the ChumpCast. IMO reliable, clear, and constant communication between driver and crew is a key priority for teams that want to do well.
  14. Great photos guys, love the panning shots!
  15. I was just talking to Ken, he's wondering if anyone else has a wider angle to see what happened. #18 was definitely pounded good, no rise from the ashes there I'm glad to hear the driver was checked out ok.