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  1. So nobody S.
  2. The supps are showing test and tune for VIR as "TBA". Last year, the track was rented on Friday and T&T was squeezed in on Saturday morning, so much of Friday was a waste. We've sort of planned our trip from Florida to VIR under the assumption that there may be T&T on Friday, if there isn't one, we might change travel plans. Any info or is this going to be a wait and see deal where we might not find out until that week? Thanks.
  3. Yeah, it's been on there for a long time. Sometimes people forget where reverse is, lol. S.
  4. This is the beginning of my stint. Dead on 5-minute fuel and driver change stop from timer on to timer off the car. Also several minutes of the previously-discussed issue that some have keeping up with paced traffic under a FCY. You can see NO CARS the entire way down the back straight to NASCAR 3, or down the front straight. So we kicked butt on the stop (all of them, in fact) then lost probably at least 1/2 a lap to the paced field. Flashing lights and waving hands apparently don't help. To the Neon team's credit, the team captain PM'd me and is planning on addressing with his drivers so hopefully won't see it again. S.
  5. He was flying! I had no idea what he was doing. That was my 3rd (or 4th) lap behind him coming into that braking zone and he was on the brakes way sooner during those laps. Talked to him while they were trying to put the car back together and he said he was "just trying to get by as many cars as he could", lol. The funniest part was next lap around, the car was gone. And we didn't get a double-yellow for probably 4-5 more laps when they brought out the fork to fix the tire wall. Turns out he was able to limp it to one of the infield access roads. S.
  6. My videos aren't as fancy as everybody else's, lol. The black/yellow 4rd Gen Firebird goes into the tire wall in the bus top around 4:20. I really wasn't sure what he was doing when he flew by me and went hard into the braking zone. I had been chasing him down for the previous 2-3 laps and knew where he needed to be slowing the car. S.
  7. Holy crap! He tried to dive bomb and slammed right into the other car. That's not even questionable, that was blatant reckless racing. S.
  8. There is a problem with the ability of timers to stay on the car, IMO. I've seen the timers fly off of cars on more than one occasion. At Road Atlanta, the timer flew off of our car when the driver left the stall. The pit marshal didn't see it sliding down pit road. We had just sent out car out, and I jumped the wall to alert them what happened. We know that if you show up at pit-out with your timer missing it'll probably be a fiasco. Thankfully, the marshal grabbed the timer and radioed to pit-out and we were good. IMO, they need a better method by which timers are attached or sent with cars from pit-in. S.
  9. We...uhh...err...neglected to put fresh rear pads on for Daytona. Obviously a mistake that we won't repeat. S.
  10. Anybody using the FAST Chump/Lemons low-buck special? S.
  11. We were about out of rear pads (don't ask) and therefore had our driver pedaling the car the last half of his stint. That being said, were were running in the ~:25-:28 range in the first half, so likely would have only delayed when you passed us. Needless to say we were pretty happy to pick up a spot when we saw the #935 coming down pit road for a likely fuel stop at ~10:50. S.
  12. Good to know what? I've driven four or five races with Kevin and this was the first time that the car had a mechanical failure and the first time that I missed a stint. The cars are typically 100% prepped and ready to race and some of the fastest cars sitting on the grid. That's why he has a group of regular renters. And the third car that Kevin is now running was just purchased a few weeks before the race. Renters knew this well in advance. To try to turn this discussion into some sort of condemnation of how Kevin runs the KSR/Flat Out racing team from a complete position of ignorance is BS. S.
  13. Hey Ben...our team is mostly Orlando guys and we've been doing Chumpcar for a couple of years. We just finished did the Daytona race last weekend and finished 6th overall, so we're getting a little better. If you guys have any questions or need any help feel free to ask. Sean.
  14. That would be almost like trying to drive through the pit to pass a car that's holding up traffic during a FCY. S.
  15. Thanks for taking my post for what it was, intended to help all drivers out there. And yeah...the bump drafting isn't really acceptable, particularly since your team isn't racing a Miata, lol. S.