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  1. We thought about that. But it would require too much advance planning and one of our guys is a lawyer. Alternatively, paddock feats-of-strength have been considered. S.
  2. My opinion doesn't mean any more than the next Chump's but I never understood the logic behind some of the point assessments. Myriad items from brake cooling ducts to ECU tuning is free. Brake calipers, rotors, wheels, shocks are all under the 2x rule. I don't agree that an oil cooler offers a performance advantage. It's a durability item, IMO. And I double-dog dare Kevin to build another 300Z that's faster than the chop top Z. I'll personally deliver our team car to him to do so. S.
  3. I believe it's quite possible to wreck a toolbox coming down the paddock hill with one into the pit at Road Atlanta. S.
  4. This is a question for teams that are mostly comprised of regular team members, that aren't renting out seats on a regular basis. Do you tend to try and get your fastest drivers in the car at any particular time...early in the race? Later in the race when traffic is lighter? Have had the discussion and IMO, it's all random. Put your best driver, who you think can manage traffic and make good progress, and they could get caught under yellow for half of their stint, or have a racing incident with a car to car, or a mechanical. To me, it almost seems like a draw straws kind of thing. Others think we should put those who can manage traffic more easily in the car early, and save the later stints for those who are more conservative. I'm not sure in the end it makes any difference. Just curious what other teams are doing. S.
  5. It looks to me like the Infiniti came into the Honda as it came off the banking in NASCAR 4. But the reality is there are likely several vantages from which we'd need to see what really happened to draw a conclusion. Nice to see everybody kept it off the wall and lol @ watching cars still spinning in the camera car's rear view mirror. IMO, Daytona-Rolex is pretty easy in Chump Car. I regularly run it in my personal cars and at a sub 2:00 lap time, so the banking isn't intimidating at a slower pace. It's interesting that we call it a "super speedway" when most of our cars will be lucky to hit 120-125 mph from T11-T1, lol. The most disorienting part of Daytona-Rolex is NASCAR 4 at high speeds. In cars that run 170-180+ mph it takes getting used to dropping off the banking onto the front straight. Great track and tremendous fun. Can't wait until April! Oh yeah... S.
  6. Lol...holy poop! S.
  7. We've read the rules and have done what we could within them to avoid being penalized. We can't run an AM pan without points, and we can't duplicate that of other and nameless teams because we'd get points. Simple baffling will work to a point, but it's not going to be enough from what we've learned. S.
  8. Yep. And we'd get hit with 25 points if we modified it. Or we'd get hit for an Accusump.. So we'll be checking the bearings before Daytona too. S.
  9. They do. We are at 500 right out of the box so the only stuff on our car is open or freebies (brakes, wheels/tires, brake cooling, etc.). But it's what we had at the time and have a huge Nissan resource in our Chief Mechanic so we're sticking with it. S.
  10. Bit of a disappointing race for our team. We've made several free/open changes to the car and ran 4-seconds faster this year than last and we've fixed the fuel issue that has plagued us for a few races by installing a new tank and going through the fuel system. Running in the P10-14 range 12-hours into the race we pretty much lost the transmission. These are the Achilles of the 300ZX platform, so we'll have to find yet another take-out and throw it into the car for Daytona. We were pretty confident of a top-10 finish, but oh well. S.
  11. I'm going to say a botched downshift. S.
  12. That was me in the 300Z in T6. I didn't think it was at all a risky pass, as there was room when we came up on a pack of slower cars from T5-T6. Our in-car video (which was on Racecast) shows that after turn-in, my hand position didn't change, so I didn't pinch it and cut down on the 280 and had cleanly cleared the 280 before getting hit. This was our 6th Chump race and only our first "substantial" car-to-car contact (we've gotten rubbed twice at Road Atlanta and an old teammate looped the car in the bus stop at Daytona last year), so we generally don't take chances and our goal is to bring the car in clean for the next stint not set lap records or win the "hard charger" trophy. Apologies for anybody inconvenienced by this. With the pace the 280 was running, it seemed like a relatively easy clean pass, even the Infiniti moved over behind our car to follow (or so it appears). We were having a great race running as high at 10th and were in the 10-14th spots for a couple of stints before we lost our transmission at just over 12-hours. We had a spare in the trailer but didn't think we could get it installed and back out to make any significant difference. Of note, our car was 4-seconds faster than last year at Road Atlanta so we are happy about that. S.
  13. Road Atlanta Daytona VIR Sebring 1 Sebring 2
  14. And now there are stop 90. Perhaps CCWS is expecting quite a few no-shows on race day. S.