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  1. Road Atlanta Daytona VIR Sebring 1 Sebring 2
  2. And now there are stop 90. Perhaps CCWS is expecting quite a few no-shows on race day. S.
  3. "Short shift it wherever you can", he said. "Save us some fuel", he said. "I need you to run the full 2-hours", he said. "Keep your lap times in the :39-:40 range", he said. And then? "I think our limiter is set at 7200, and I tagged it on almost every shift in my stint..." S.
  4. Not sure you want to know what their TCV is under the '17 rules, lol. S.
  5. Nope. My buddy's uncle had the car for quite some time and they decided to turn it into a Chump Car. Originally, they had an SC 300 and did a 5-speed swap and got it ready for a cage, then decided to change direction and do the Mustang instead. They are pretty sharp. At 7 pm on Friday they were fixing some welds on the cage that were found during '17 Tech Inspection. S.
  6. Everybody gives the Stang a very wide berth, lol. I passed it probably 6-8 times during my session and not only don't I want to get too close because it's a good friend's uncle's team, but I don't want to be the "guy who punted that beautiful old fastback Stang". S.
  7. Yes, but I'll defer to Kevin@KSR if he wants to provide more details about his car since I'm just a driver in this one. S.
  8. Great day of racing and perfect Florida weather for it. Sorry if I offended anybody out there during my stint in the KSR chop top Z. We were trying to conserve fuel and at the same time, catch the Jacky Ickx car (which we did...until we ran out of fuel). See some of you out there at Road Atlanta! S.
  9. And FWIW...our team greatly appreciates the price reductions that Chump is making where appropriate. We also are thrilled to see Chump throw in the Road Atlanta test day at no charge. S.
  10. Mike, There was no way for us to know this, as we only had the option to pay for the race at the rate of $1300 (plus additional driver fees) when we registered and paid. Contrary to what the plan is for teams that paid early (and we are one of 5 fully paid teams) there was no deduction of $200. Since we were charged $1300, it was reasonable to believe that the fee within 60-days was $1500. Also, you'll see that we were charged for "additional drivers" ($50 x 3). It appears that we overpaid for the Road Atlanta event by $350. My comments were based on what we, as one of the few teams that paid well in advance, were apparently overcharged by the Chump payment system. S.
  11. Not really. The regular entry fee is now the "early bird special" and the late fee is what you pay when you don't pay at least two months before the race.
  12. Meanwhile, unless I'm mistaken, there isn't even a schedule up with a "payment due date" and unless people know about this new "carrot plan" then they're going to pay after the early-bird discount. This hardly seems reasonable. S.
  13. Sometimes I can be, for lack of a better term...dumb. Am I understanding correctly that turbo models are now just 100 points over the base car? So in the case of our Z32 300ZX at 500 points, a Z32 TT would be 600? I'll just go back and sit in the corner now. S.
  14. We got new shoes. Also upgrading brakes, springs and a few other open items. S.