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  1. Holy poop...somebody protested a car because they thought it had power vs. manual steering?
  2. Pointing and laughing at people who drive off the track in T1 because they couldn't see at 2 am. S.
  3. Really sloppy driving by the driver of the white Miata. He's 100% at fault based on the video. And OP...just have a track map taped to the dash? S.
  4. Honestly, that's just borderline ridiculous. I can only imagine the rooter tails of water it shoots in the rain, and having open and unshrouded wheels in wheel to wheel like Chump is really a bad idea. S.
  5. You should leave the trunk floor. And I doubt you're going to remove the rear quarters. But you can remove the rear header, deck lid, C-pillars, B-pillars and whatever of the roof you are comfortable removing. I would suggest leaving the rear bumper and carving it up to reduce weight (have fun with that). Of course you can gut the doors to basically skins. You should probably PM pintodave, those guys ran the Lead Sled until its untimely demise at Daytona this year. Our Mazda 626 will be on the grid with Cool Suit and no driver at 22xx. S.
  6. You don't have to run a trunk. The Lincolnfelter Racing Mark VIII Lincoln that runs in the SE region is a great example. It's got no A-pillars, windshield, roof or deck lid. When you're behind that car you can see straight through to the dash, lol. S.
  7. We just bought a Lifeline system for a 2nd car and researched this. The Lifeline system needs to be returned to their facility in North Carolina for service and re-certification. We looked at Spa too. Spa systems have to be returned to a Spa service center to be re-certified. Any of the foam-based systems must be returned (to the manufacturer or service center) to be refilled/re-certified in order to maintain their SFI rating. Some dealers like Pegasus provide this service. S.
  8. Pretty sure it's 2-years on the certification. S.
  9. Tremblay...we're in Central Florida and a few of us have put together a second car that was previously raced in WRL. I know one of my teammates sent you a message previously. We've completely gone through the car including a new engine (details available offline), seat, CoolSuit, upgraded wheels and tires (Enkei RPF1's and 245 RS4's...not in pics), etc. We are offering seats with use of a private luxury suite and catered food. Only concession is that the car is a B-class car. Given the whp it made on the completely disclosed and claimed parts and the weight it's going to sit at on the grid we expect the car to be pretty damn quick and probably quicker than some C-class cars. We have sold out seats for the September race and are not yet offering seats for December but just wanted to put it out there if you're interested. If not, good luck finding a seat and stop by our pit at Sebring and say "hi". Sean.