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  1. Are you guys running one of the polycarbonate rear windows in the F-body? If so, how was the fit? S.
  2. Over the last few days Alex (along with just a little help from us yesterday) finished up installing a nicely-sized oil cooler (we've got A LOT of points to use, lol), the new gauge panel, the new window net, Hydramatted the tank and did a few other things before getting the car loaded into the trailer to align tomorrow. We're pretty much done and ready for Sebring. Trailer is packed, car is pretty much done. Lost about a week due to the hurricane but still done in plenty of time. S.
  3. For months I tried to get our old team to install a set of NACA ducts I bought so that we could get some airflow into the car. Every team day that we had it was at the bottom of the list and never got done. Last year our at Sebring, the CoolSuit stopped pumping cool/cold water after about 60-75 minutes. I had a mid-afternoon stint, was ending around the time we got the several hour red flag. I was literally destroyed. When you're racing at Sebring, or Daytona or VIR in 90° temps in the middle of the day IMO it's very beneficial to have ducting and airflow in the car even if you have a CoolSuit setup. Our rental car has NACA ducts with 2 1/2" hose that directs air onto the driver in addition to a CS. S.
  4. Official Sebring Fall 2017

    Just want to point out...2 days ago it was "armageddon" in central Florida. Tonight we were at Disney Springs for dinner, all of the gas stations around here are open and things are about 95% back to normal. In 10-days I'm sure Sebring will be fine. S.
  5. Holy crap! I just realized it's opening Sunday! Spent the last 2 days organizing and getting ready for this and lost track of the days. S.
  6. Evil...I've got room in my driveway in Seminole county with no chance of flooding. If you need a place to drop a trailer on the way to Daytona let me know. S.
  7. It seems that people have a different impression of "turn key". For some, it's ready to be on the grid and race. For others, it's literally that you can turn the key and start the car and it needs fire suppression, comm gear, etc., etc.. For others, it's that the car is "turn key" except for a blown head gasket, or a bad tranny. I think the $1500 cars will end up needing a few thousand dollars of stuff to be legal. And even the more expensive cars may need more money into them. We have ~$7000+ into a $1000 car that we got with a bad engine. More if you want to include consumable costs like tires, fluids and race registration costs. And that doesn't include the cost of a skilled mechanic working on the car. S.
  8. Battery hold down and containers

    IMO it's very good that you're bringing up these items and drawing attention to hot-button issues that are going to improve the safety of drivers. It's also good that you're shedding light on issues because some of those pictures that you took could have been issues/installs that happened after the car got an annual tech sticker. Cars aren't inspected every race. Perhaps somebody had an off, or something hit the plastic battery box and damaged it, so the team just removed it and strapped down the battery. If the cars aren't tech'd every race stuff like this will happen. Chump staff should be paying attention and these issues should be pointed out the racers. I'd honestly have no problem if Chump staff required teams to fix this stuff, right then and there, when it's found. S.
  9. Battery hold down and containers

    Just to add...we run an 11# Braille battery. That's still a lot of force, but it's a fraction of the energy of a 40# lead acid/AGM battery we replaced. S.
  10. Battery hold down and containers

    There should be no problem with a strap holding the top of the plastic battery boxes in places, as long as the battery is properly bolted to the chassis/unibody of the car through the battery box. If the battery is properly secured, it's not going to bounce around and destroy the box. S.
  11. Where's the Official Sebring thread?

    Cowpoke's Watering Hole on 27 has some pretty good food, a bar and plenty of ambiance. Don Jose's a few minutes down the road has great Mexican food and ritas. S.
  12. But the demise of the Blitzmobile will be talked about as its reputation grows in urban legend. Years from now Chump racers will still be talking about "a car" helicoptering building-height off the racing surface, seemingly under it's own power, while illuminated by an ethereal light as thunder crashed in the distance. "It was the most amazing thing I've ever seen, it just..." bystanders will claim as their voices trail off into mumbles while they shake their heads in disbelief. I think I was up in the villa having a sandwich when this happened. S.
  13. '17 Viper ACR-E '16 Charger Hellcat '14 911 Turbo '14 Ram 2500 Cummins '12 Infiniti QX56 '12 Expedition EL '03 Mustang Cobra '90 Mustang LX 5.0 notchback '14 Focus ST (kid's) I've been cutting down over the last year or two.
  14. Track repayments for wrecks?

    In the south/southeast the only track I'm aware of that does this is Barber. S. And they'll even charge you for replacing shrubs, lol. S.
  15. That freaking Honda is FAST. The straight line speed is very impressive. That little thing passes virtually everything on the front and back straights. S.