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  1. Any chance we get another iracing race up? I'd love to put a few laps in!
  2. A little late to the party but these are the videos from the #412 Miata. Car had some issues here and there but these are the first two stints before I stuffed it rendering a hot mess after repairs.
  3. For anyone that can't make the race and wants a little more updates than racemonitor, I will be doing some Facebook Live videos throughout the weekend to try to keep my friends and family updated. Any one is more than welcome to tune in and watch. Can't promise anything but I'll do my best to get on as often as the race permits. https://www.facebook.com/NickSorianoRacer/
  4. Level 1 is in with the little miata. Why is there not more hype for Sebring right now??!!
  5. Wow.... So hardtops enter the game.... That's big for miatas. Will that mean the convertible rule about arm restraints is gone as well? I.e. I have a miata with a homeade top but i'm still required to run arm restraints bc its still a "convertible." Will that change with the new rule? And no trailer unfortunately.
  6. I've got a 1993 Miata that is currently an SCCA Spec Miata but it would be a chump legal car instantly if you swap to stock sway bars and pull the top! Car is super reliable and has a stock engine in it right now. It is a turn key race car. Has current belts, transponder, annual SCCA tech is already done. Just add street tires and new brakes. I will be at the Sebring race and can drop it off to you that day. Check out the ad and let me know if you have any questions. Chumpcar special : $6000 http://jacksonville.craigslist.org/cto/5736816971.html
  7. Just my .02... You've got to be more defensive..... You left way too much open. This is a race and we are all racing. Yes, it is the job of the car passing to make a safe pass.... but you should have drove him out to the edge at the exit of 3. You cut the corner tight and gave him 2 lanes and allowed him to stay close so he made a bonehead move. If you drive the corner out and give him a smaller lane, you make him check up possibly anddddddd you carry more exit speed. I get you're trying to be nice but this isn't a track day. its 13 hours of survival and 1 hour sprint race... Defend your line and your car.
  8. Yea. the great thing about 94's is the OBDI computer is so simplistic and tuning is so easy through the cam position sensor and an FPR. Its basically like tuning a carb..... No points for FPR and no points for timing. Even without upgrading hardware, miatas have been known to gain almost 5 hp in just timing advance. As far as the Hondas. they have far more power than I would expect from the non vtec cars.... We have a Honda buff on our team that we will sick on any honda that finishes ahead of us. But we don't anticipate them being as competitive at Sebring. Also, don't forget the gearing advantages of a miata... the 4.10 rear only allows the motor to run up to about 140 at 6800 rpm. With a bump draft I know I saw 6200+ many times.... Spec Miatas in a bump draft hit 137 at runoffs..... and thats a restricted version of the motor with probably 200+lbs extra. I can only speak for the miatas. I don't know enough about hondas to say anything about them. But I the top 3 miatas, I would say were all on par with each other. And thats about all you should see out of a miata. Any faster is getting suspicious.
  9. I'm assuming you are talking about the Red Rat. The Miata that was 2 seconds faster then the next miata. I have my assumptions on what they may have done. But a Restrictor plate Spec Miata motor makes 126-130 so unrestricted is around 140+ . That is on an OEM engine with headwork to clean up imperfections from the factory and a factory exhaust manifold which is known to be very restrictive. Now add a header and an extra 20mm of airflow.... yea. high HP to be expected.
  10. I heard some one say miata. Our car made 126 last time on dyno. its a 1994 and was probably on 89 ethanol free. Add 1-2 for 93.
  11. But you left out 11th, 12th, and 13th..... All three 1994 Miata's ..... and 15th... 4 door Integra. Daytona will always be a tough track for low power cars... Just the nature of the beast.
  12. If any one has contact info for the #918 Visceral Racing Porsche, let me know. I'd like to have a conversation with them very desperately.
  13. Went from 59th to 43rd. I was happy for driving a stock motor 1.6. lol. Def the lowest budget Spec at the runoffs.
  14. Ehhh you might be right looking back at my videos..... my bad.