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  1. Miata guys own H2R, that being said -- its still fun to race out there.
  2. Experienced driver, former team owner, former H2R member. Raced at H2R in Chumps at least 4 times. contact mike@lonestarrpm.com Mike
  3. email mike@lonestarrpm.com
  4. $300 plus shipping Older model in good condition. I've been using for several years. It has FIA sticker that is smudged (you can see it in the pictures). I replaced the Tethers about 2 seasons ago. I will also toss in a complete second set of tethers as shown in picture below I can't find anything that specifically mentions size. I think its either a large or medium. I'm ~6' 185 and its comfortable. I just got certified to instruct, so I'm upgrading to a 3 pt system.
  5. Sold my open trailer -- need to move this one so I can order my wide body enclosed. Mike
  6. I'll get over it if you buy my trailer. Mike
  7. Well since you asked so nicely :-) This is with a street 3.6 with some go fast parts slapped on. I'm working on the 3.8 that originally came with it now. Mike RSR_at_COTA.mov 1975%20RSR%20Engine%20Tuning.mp4
  8. I found the trailer I thought was going to be perfect for me and had it shipped. When it arrived -- it was too narrow for my RSR. The RSR is extremely wide at 78", and the trailer inside wall to wall is 80". (I had been told it was wider) These were designed with the 911 in mind, just not one quite as wide as mine. Not too many 911's run on 14" slicks. The trailer is a 99, but in very good condition. 4 new wheels and tires plus 5th wheel spare in perfect condition. The trailer is also very well equipped. 1000W Inverter, Air Conditioner, 2 Odyssey batteries, Diamond plate, floor, walls, insulated, Double Awnings, side window, side drivers side swing out doors Double Tire Rack, Spare Tire Dual Pull down storage compartments Foldable built in diamond plate work bench. 11' aluminum ramps 6' roof Passed inspection with flying colors. If you are looking for an lightweight enclosed trailer at less than 1/2 the cost of new, this is the one for you. Can easily be pulled behind an SUV. Weight without options is about 1450# according to Trailex. $12K Located in Austin. Mike
  9. 18' Open Trailer with Tire Rack, 8500# Winch with remote and tethered controller, dovetail (Austin, Texas) LED lighting, Current Tags. Not the prettiest -- much like our chumpcars -- but mechanically solid, reliable and pulls straight 84" inner fender to fender width. $1750. W/O winch -- $1500. Austin, Texas pickup only
  10. Send him my contact info 512-560-four six oh three mike@lonestarrpm.com thx, mike
  11. Ottertail, Mn 56571 Looks to be off the beaten path for sure. Mike
  12. Would prefer prior -- but that could be back-up plan. Mike
  13. Bought a Trailex Enclosed but need to get it from Mn to Texas -- Might be a day late and dollar short for Chump folks considering CoTA was a few weeks back. Anyone headed back to Texas and needs to haul a car and want to wrap my new to me Trailer around it? I'm reaching out on U-ship -- but they are still a bit more spendy than I would like. Mike
  14. #bothfeetin :-) I'll buy the beers over this one next time we hit the same track! Mike