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  1. Nascaresque? As in separate hat and rotor and monster multi-piston calipers? Sounds like begging to get protested. I'd stick with the tried and true GM parts bin. Speaking of which, will C3 stuff fit on a G-body? One of the metric chassis spindles Speedway sells looks an awful lot like a Corvette piece.
  2. I bought the Eastwood flare tool last year. No better way if you can get the lines off the car. Worth every penny and then some. I didn't get the 37-degree set, but I still might. Rigid makes a 37-degree that I bought and works pretty well. You may look at one of their 45-degree versions if you want something a little nicer than the parts store flare tools.
  3. On the list for '09 is the V6 Jetta (which doesn't existed), not the 4-cylinder. So the 2.0CR TDI would put you in EC automatically. I won't say anymore on the subject of DSG other than don't be surprised if you get protested and the initial ruling you got gets overturned.
  4. I looked into this briefly a while back. I'm sure someone could figure out how to make it work, but the majority concensus seems to be the blocks and rotating assembly just can't handle the stress. They were never designed to be diesels. I read a few articles from guys in the engine development process that said they could have made it into a decent engine, but corporate wouldn't give them the budget so they made do as best they could. That being said, I saw there was a guy trying to stuff one of the smaller V6s with a turbo into a Fiero. I looked at doing a 6.2/6.5 swap. It doesn't add TOO much weight over the nose, but they're prone to cracking and don't seem to handle much over 250-300hp before the parts try to escape the block. Seems not worth it vs keeping the small-block or swapping to a modern V6. Duramax? Those aren't on the list... yet. I think a Cummins would be fun (if they were on the list). But I'm not sure there is a car out there you can justify dropping an 1,100 pound hunk of cast iron into. Maybe mid-engined in @mender's Astro Van? The only other absurd idea I've been come up with is dropping a 7.3L Powerstroke into an XJS. Stacks, turbo(s) whistling, rolling coal down the front straight somewhere in a 2-ton barge... in my twisted mind it's glorious.
  5. Yet another entry for the unwritten rule book...
  6. Unless you know something I don't, the 2.0L CR TDI didn't come on anything currently on the VPI list.
  7. Due to the magic of gearing, isn't the answer generally 3?
  8. L82? I think they had pretty decent flowing heads. Bump up the compression and uncork the exhaust and I've heard they make pretty solid power. The platform does have short comings, but I bet you can make it more competitive than you think!
  9. Find the magic number where the points start to get stupid, then find an engine that's close in stock form. L98 from a C4? They had aluminum heads. Turbo 3.8 from a T-type? Edit - Pull a Fast N Furious: Tokyo Drift and drop in a 2JZ for 75 points. Slap on a set of turbos for 100 more. Instant 1000 hp. Chumpcar domination complete. You can thank me later
  10. I've found them at least willing to listen. I'm sure if you can find a good reason for them to change it they will, but I doubt it will be a huge change. I'd weigh the body, chassis, drivetrain, and estimate the weight of the cage first and see where you end up.
  11. It's probably easier to find the lightest weights of cars than the heaviest. Plus, unless engines or maybe something else would cause the weight to vary significantly, using the lightest weight minus a few percent is probably pretty gets in the ball park of a lot of cars. But just like the discrepancies VPI table, there is no way a handful of people are going to get everything right without some additional input from us.
  12. Yeah, but then I think it changed to they would use a weight they felt most appropriate to represent a typical version of that car in race trim. I think somebody wanted to use the weight of an AWD BMW or for all the E30s. Typical
  13. Per the GM Heritage Canter... base 83 Monte curb weight is 3179 lbs. 90% of that is 2861, so at 2915lbs, Chump is actually being a little generous. Base curb weight for a 4th gen V8 Camaro is 3356 lbs. And it has 20% less fuel.
  14. Breaking. I've read that people make the suspension bad when they start stiffening control arms but don't change bushings (or worse, convert to urethane). The arms were supposedly designed to twist from the factory. Were I building one, I'd either box the arms and add some spherical bearings or just buy aftermarket control arms with heim joints.