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  1. Lots of Honda knowledge on here. That's how we've learned most everything we know. Plus, buying an Integra you already have most of the upgrades a lot of Civic owners make anyway (and a bigger tank!)
  2. 520 is probably a pretty fair value considering a nearly 2 ton Challenger with less power is the same.
  3. Is that the one even Donohue said he was kind of skittish about getting in because it was so thin?
  4. You sound like the rest of my team when I showed up to COTA with a hoodless, trunkless, bumperless, lightless Civic. Apparently looks matter more than going fast to some people
  5. Snowmobile-powered Miata with a CVT has already been done in Lemons I believe.
  6. What size light bar do you use?
  7. Verifying the lights are aimed correctly is already in the rules. Again, it's an issue of lack of rules enforcement. When you say light bars, do you mean LED light bars or just a bar with 4 lights mounted to it?
  8. Hey, we didn't pick your car or the races you chose to run.
  9. We race in the midwest. What are these "reds" and "yellows" you speak of?
  10. We haven't really had issues with tearing on the outer boots. Maybe once? No issues with the tripods. We were able to get almost two Double 7s out of a set of RockAuto axles. I think the key was we tore them apart, cleaned, and re-packed them with Redline before they ever got installed. CVs and tripods. Repeated the process after the first weekend. Good thing because it was brown and almost liquified. That's when we ditched the small clamp to try and help with ballooning and heat build up others had mentioned. It was losing grease the entire next weekend, just not bad enough for us to think it needed to be addressed until one of the cages exploded, tore the boot, and all the balls fell out. Lesson learned. We're switching to Raxles and going to try the zip ties and roll pin ideas.
  11. Ford and Mopar guys, I imagine.
  12. 137???!!! Jeeze, we only have to find 30 mph to match 3-year-old performance.
  13. I've got one. I think it's a 12-cell Anti-Gravity. Seems to work fine. Had problems end of day 2 at COTA last year getting it to start. Fired up fine when putting it on the trailer so I think it was the starter heat soaking or something. Had the same issue at Road America the race before with a normal lead-acid. Those are the only two relatively long, clean races we've had.