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  1. I had the same thing happen as Bill and I were trying to get mine to work when he first decided to make the switch. You will have to get the racecast generated password from Bill. It's not the password you use to login.
  2. Love to see a 24 hour race @ Daytona
  3. Did you design the cage in my X or was that the guys over at Roush?
  4. I'm trying to figure how how I can put the new ACR Kumhos on our Chumpcar.....
  5. Up to 119. Only 1 more spot
  6. Racecast profile password?
  7. The other app will still work correct or will we NEED to switch over to this new app?
  8. Up to 112 teams.
  9. Selling my old helmet as I have upgraded. Has everything you need to go racing.
  10. We're in! Making some improvements to our power supply for the race that we learned from Rd. Atl.
  11. Whats the fun in that?
  12. Why would there be a rebate? I would think it would be treated the same as all the other free go faster parts everyone just got the option of putting on. Did the teams that didn't need springs or an ECU get credits for not installing them?
  13. True story.
  14. The problem is the CC has decided instead of enforcing the rules they had about these modifications being points or added value they decided it would be easier to change the rules as they couldn't enforce the old ones. I'm sure the fact that the other series allow these mods were a factor as well. The mods listed are easily cheated mods and were obviously being missed in tech. How do you know if someone has a modded ECU? There were teams hiding full standalones according to rumors. Shocks, springs, etc... all harder to spot at tech. Oil cooler, usually pretty easy to spot in tech. IMO all those mods should go back to being points and the series needs to do a better job of enforcing their own rules.