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  1. Interesting that the event isn't listed on the tracks website at all. At least there isn't something else listed. It makes it kind of hard to book travel, accommodations, and get time off for work if things are still up in the air.
  2. basically brand new system in the box.
  3. I always get gas outstide the track, didnt even look.
  4. Only 60 cars on a 3.4 mile track.
  5. I don't think the big issue is with you running it. Problem is that you want 75 points off your value when you should really be adding 25 points for a transmission swap.
  6. If someone is seriously looking for one my uncle has a nice SC300 that he was going to build before he built his fastback. It has no interior and already has a 5spd in it. Very clean car and runs and drives. PM me for his #. Car is on the Space Coast in Fl
  7. and I thought Sebring was rough
  8. This is what I have in my ACR-X, love it.
  9. All of our other race cars are 6 speeds
  10. Is COTA the full course?
  11. What happened the the fueling amendment where it was going to be stated the the fueler MUST have both feet on the ground while fueling? This was discussed at the meeting and approved by the board.
  12. However the petition you will not be able to "buy" fuel capcity in chump. Its one of the only controlling varibales they have left and they are dead set on keeping it. It was disussed at length and all the board agree on it.
  13. I think the issue is more the attachment of the timers than the pit timing procedure itself. I see no issue with the procedure.
  14. I was there in person and being able to buy fuel wont be happening however a petition is written. They made that pretty clear.
  15. Not sure but it's running on race gas.