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  1. Mine and not sure if Chumpable, but:;VIP&utm_campaign=upsell_engine_rule_resp_testA202&utm_medium=email&utm_source=automated_email&utm_content=day6%3BVIP Negotiable!
  2. 225 RS4's on 9" inch wheels on our Intergra. Have run 'bogie and Mosport. Id say we're over 60% left on them. Incredible tires. We're running 30/29 hot.
  3. Agreed with everything Steve said. 3 events is about as much as we are able to do, perhaps could be up for 4. As much as Shannonville is run down, I love the track and would definitely be up for a race there. Mosport, 'bogie, Shannonville, done.