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  1. Those two chirps in Turn 5 at about 1:10 and right after that are the wheels locking up when you let out the clutch. That is putting a lot of load on the transmission. We lost a tranny at Mosport when one of our drivers was doing the same. Possible that you are not bringing the revs up high enough when doing the heel toe or you are taking too long after to let out the clutch but the tranny and your wheels are definitely not doing the same speed when that clutch came out. FYI - Our chirps were much worse in the video "evidence" we saw after our failure.
  2. I didn't get my new Civic ready in time but will be there in the BMW E30. Heading to the track in a couple of hours. See you all there.
  3. I guess it's going under the car then. I don't want it enclosed in the box with the surge tank because heat will likely become an issue.
  4. Wanted to double check before I commit to the plan. If it has SS lines / AN fittings in and out is there any tech / safety issue with having an external pump inside a hatchback without a firewall?
  5. Bomb better off inside the car with me?
  6. I am putting a fuel surge tank in a hatchback civic. There are two things that make me want to put it under the hood. -Access to lines for an easy and clean install. -Already firewalled. The hatchback means I have to create a big box for it if I put it inside the car Are there any rules that would cause an issue? Any good reason why it is better off inside the cabin in a box than under the hood?
  7. Bonjour mes amis. Welcome to the fun.
  8. I think you will need sill bars on both sides if I recall the rules correctly.
  9. Check you emails folks. I just got an email from Sal / Wendy about a potential Calabogie race in May. Round up the troops and get back to them saying you will be there.
  10. Bump for a legit team and a great option for somebody looking for a drive.
  11. I would also love to see a list of firm dates from the powers that be. I am in the middle of dumping a bunch of money and time into a new car and despite the great info provided by SWRVING, it would be great to have something official from the source. I can't imagine the lack of info is selling anybody new on joining for this year.
  12. I think I got thrown off by all the references in this thread to lean being an issue in the past. Thanks
  13. This is going to sound like a silly question but is putting Lexan in for rear-side and rear windshield/hatch really costing points? I assumed it would be free as there isn't really a performance advantage. At 3pts a sq ft that is actually a lot of points as well.
  14. Where? I checked that site and they don't seem to be a direct seller.
  15. With the anticipated schedule for Quebec / Ontario looking sparse, I am looking to possibly supplement with an event or two in the USA. With this, brings a lot of questions and I figured some of you have a lot of wisdom to offer. -Is it possible to reliably cross the boarder with a race car that does not have an ownership? -How much extra time does it typically take to cross? -Is getting back into Canada an issue at all? -Anything else to think about? Tips, cautionary tales, off-colour jokes about americans?