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  1. which team? i know a couple in the area
  2. Thats the guy that built the cage's car. its an older trans am GT1 car last i saw it was in 2014 i dropped it at a friends driveway because the guy that started the team with me has taken the motor and trans out, along with the wiring harness, and only gave me the car motor and trans, it sat for 8 months in the my garage waiting for him before i gave up on the car. idk what happened to it. even on crappy tires it was fast at PBIR, just not overly reliable. lol, idk how long its been since gary raced it, but i know it was stupid fast back in the day
  3. Was going to say that looked like my friends e30, its sitting motorless at the moment. i saw him yesterday
  4. copy that. thanks guys. ill put sills in before the race
  5. A friend and I built this cage in mid 2015 and ive finally gotten around to getting the car set up for events this year. one of my team members said we need to look at the door bars as we may need another on both sides.
  6. Hey all, just got the integra i started to build in 2015 back so im back into the project of getting a car and team together for the 2 sebring races later this year. The car is a 1993 Integra GS. Currently im building my to do list and hunting for parts. I previously raced a 6spd BMW 540 I in the 24hrs of lemons Cuba del norte race on new years 2012, and because of that, i will never race another big and full of electronics car again.