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  1. 2018 Schedule

    A local club recently spent a bit north of 40k on an weekend at Barbers. Now that includes everything...workers, ambulance, wreckers, security, insurance, and the other random incidentals. Back in the old days when Barbers first opened, that same weekend ran in the mid 20k.
  2. 2018 Schedule

    That Barber's rate looks more like the weekday rate. The full weekend with workers and whatnot isn't even close to $27,000 (2 day weekend) that's represented on that page EDIT: Rate might be closer than im thinking. Once you add in workers and whatnot I think it gets closer.
  3. Yea, Barber's rental has gone up just a bit from back in the day. Instructors only pay $50 bucks and you get a t-shirt.
  4. Bump, in desperate need of instructors for this event
  5. Yea I ended up in Discovery Parts at AMP on a weekday and did the same thing, tried on a bunch of different sizes in suits, gloves, and shoes. You could tell a real difference between the $300 suit and the $900 suit...I ended up with something in between. Just like MR2, I was different sizes in different manufacturers. HANS and the suit were the big hitters. I ended up with the schroth FHR for my HANS. I went with the more expensive gloves and balaclava, they felt so much better than the cheap ones. Cool shirt is worth every penny, I'd pay double if they asked for it.
  6. Lights

    All great tips, and yep the side mirrors are for whats beside you. But again, whats the point of a rule if no one is going to enforce it. Lets just call it a guideline then and everybody can be around 8,000 lumens and we don't have to worry about enforcing it Testing out our new setup *I understand its impossible to enforce, I just enjoy making light of the situation in order to make myself feel better about it
  7. VIR 24 LifeLine Classic

    Great story!! We were only a few pit boxes up from you guys. Hope to see you next year at VIR!
  8. Lights

    After two hours in the rain in the VIR dark, I'd kill for the stock headlight rule. I'm going to experiment with window tint on all our mirrors to help dull some of those "8,000 Lumens" setups you guys run.
  9. For those of you not going to Sebring event, BMWCCA is running a HPDE that weekend at Barbers. Right now, only 39 students are signed up for the weekend. That means a TON of track time with little to no traffic. Also currently a big need for instructors. Running an ITS at this HPDE as well. Would be a good time to get in some test and tune time for the December chump race if you need it. https://www.motorsportreg.com/events/2017-bmw-cca-hod-hpde-at-barber-motorsports-park-heart-of-dixie-289711
  10. Could chump turn some of the half VIR d8's into a full course d8 to make the d8'rs happy? If they were far enough apart, I think our team would attend both. I love VIR enough I'd drive the 8 or so hours one way to attend the 24 in august and a d8 in early spring if they were both on the full course.
  11. It makes me happy that Chump actually listens, I'm so used to organizations putting up a poll and ignoring the results. So cheers to you guys at Chump, thank you!
  12. Daytona 2018...

    Hope to be, not sure on seats yet
  13. Yea, still a thing and ditto to everything Jamie said. Give me 24 of VIR, or give me something less sucky than Nelsons Ledges.