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  1. While at 35,000 feet last week, I realized that I have been at 13/18 ChumpCar events this year with a lot more coming. My house feels like another AirBnB when I stop by. Next year Dana, Mike and I will be splitting Event Director duties.
  2. Official Pittsburgh 2017 race thread

    FYI, Dana Morrison will be running this event. If you send him questions via email right now he won't respond. He lives down near Palm Beach Florida and has no power and internet. For the time being you can email me your questions and I'll make sure they get to Dana.
  3. Ok, you're planning a party in my own back yard and I haven't been invited yet? I'll be home for the PIRC event. I needed a break so I'm sending Dana to run it for us. Someone make the call on this and I'll publicize it for you all. Date, time, place.
  4. I have many ideas in this job. Some work out pretty well, others not so much. I misread the passion for the 24 at VIR and thought that a D8 would be just as well received. I was wrong. While there are those out there who would have appreciated a more relaxing D8, the majority of you wanted your 24. I received dozens of emails over the past two weeks all asking me to bring back the 24. No one emailed me about their excitement over a D8. I am an administrator for your club and it is my job to provide events that you want to participate in. You wanted a 24 and now you have have it. However, if attendance at the VIR24 is down significantly next year as a result of the Nelson 24, I'll have to review the concept of two 24's for 2019. Now if you'd like to continue the debate on something else - what about a D8 inside the 24? (not my idea, btw)
  5. We oversell full events to compensate for teams that fail to show up (yep, it happens). We are limited to 45 cars at Laguna Seca, but I sold 50 spots. If you look at the results page, only 45 cars made laps. I've already had one team email me to move their entry from VIR to Sebring. More will drop out before the green flag. What if no one dropped out? Give it 2 laps, we'll be under 90 cars.
  6. Practice is 8:30am to 10:30am Saturday morning. Free to test (included with your entry). Cap is at 90 cars, same as Road Atlanta. Why? 90 is barely manageable. You guys are a handful. At 100+ the trouble begins. 90 gives you a lot of cars to race against, but after some early attrition, there is plenty of racing room and I can see you screwing up easier. You do prefer a clean race don't you?
  7. Cars needed for break even?

    It would be nice if there were a single number I had to focus on, but it doesn't work that way. The reality is that each track has it's own price and there are varying costs for staff and travel. -Track prices range from $6,000 per day to $60,000 per day. -Some tracks charge a "turn key" price, while others only charge for the track. -All events require (and are included in turn key prices) corner workers, an ambulance, a fire truck and tow truck. -Staffing levels are determined by the event attendance. I have 24 people working Daytona but only 8 at Autobahn. -Increased staffing leads to increased travel costs (they have to sleep and eat). -A few tracks have limits on the number of cars allowed on track (AMP, Laguna Seca and Mid Ohio). -The only constants are my insurance and the trophies. -Events also need to make enough money to cover corporate expenses as well (website hosting, accounting, office supplies, etc). With all of the variables that go into our expenses, and the attendance forecasting we have to do over 12 months in advance, it's possible for us to lose money with 60 cars at one track and make money with 25 cars at another track. We can lower the minimum number of cars required to break even, but that means we raise the entry fee for the event. While I would love to see all events in the black, mostly what matters is that for the year, the club is in the black. When I say I need 20 cars to make this happen, part of that statement is just ensuring that the teams have enough other cars to race against. 12 cars is a track day, not a race. The other part is calculating how much of a loss am I willing to take to host the event. So this is why sometimes I may say I need 20 cars to make it happen and other times you may hear 35. If we just sell out every event though, we'll be ok. Hope this answers your question.
  8. Nelson Ledges

    Someone mentioned bonfire. If we do this earlier (like April/May), I want a massive bonfire in the paddock. It offers light and more importantly - heat. Plus I like bonfires. Ok, I just like fire.
  9. With the huge volume of video footage we've been capturing this year, we are starting to have a library to create good promo videos with. In addition to the footage, I have purchased some audio/video equipment for Bill and Paul to use in making these videos and podcasts. I'm excited to have them practicing putting these promos together and I think it's great he solicited your feedback here. Know that as Bill and Paul send me concepts, I am looking to approve and market ads that show the close racing, the variety of cars and the energy of the people in attendance at a ChumpCar event. So don't be afraid to wave to the camera and give Bill a sound bite. You might see yourself in our next promo video!
  10. Nelson Ledges

    You guys entertain me. There is a lot of work involved and I'll need some help. Phone number and/or email address for the track? Site visits? Outside vendors and equipment? But you know what?
  11. Approval Committee

    Not sure where you got this impression, but the rule updates were discussed by Phil and I, written and published. They are done. If someone has a question on any rule, they are encouraged to email tech or myself and request a clarification, as has always been the policy. And you are correct that the entire staff does discuss these things and review them before publication. In many cases, we even toss it out in front of a few teams for feedback as well.
  12. X-bar door roll bars no longer accepted?

    The Bill of Rights, Amendment II: A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed. Seems pretty clear to me. And I bet it seems pretty clear to you as well. Do we agree it says the same thing? Chances are no. People have argued this all the way up to the US Supreme Court. Even after a ruling they are still arguing it! Why do I mention the 2nd amendment in a race car forum? The reason is that both the 2nd amendment and ChumpCar rule 3.2.3. both suffer from a difference in interpretation. I would argue that our founding fathers put a great deal of effort into clearly spelling out their thoughts on gun rights in 1791. Over the past 250 years though, the English language has changed somewhat and we now argue their intent. It's a pity we can't ask them directly. On the other hand, in the case of our doorbar rule, the authors are still here and we can ask for clarification. By the number of responses on here and the few emails I received about this, the wording is not clear. I opened up the rulebook and read the section on cages all the way through. I read it like I always have, like someone who was part of it's thought process and enforcement. Made sense to me. Then I slowed down and read it again and again. This time pretending I knew nothing of our rules. Like I was a new car builder. This time I saw what some of you have seen. It was at this point that I clearly understood the glaring omission of a single important word that changes the meaning of the sentence entirely. Unbroken. It is important to note that there are two issues in discussion here. 1) Phil/ChumpCar is not following their own rulebook and they are making up arbitrary decisions at the track, and 2) What does the ChumpCar rule on X-bars say? To the first point, Phil and the techs that work under him for ChumpCar do not arbitrarily make up rulings as they go. The rulings they will issue at Daytona in two weeks will be the same rulings they gave out at VIR last year and Pittsburgh the year before. I have spoken with all our techs and impressed upon them the importance of not only applying our rules as they are written, but applying them as they are written all the time. We had large problems with consistency at tech in years past, but Phil as Chief of tech has worked to train all our techs in what our rulebook says and to apply it all the time. This is not to say they can't miss things, because they do sometimes, but I find they catch more than they miss. To that end, Phil and Dan have been failing broken X-bar designs for years. I know because I have had numerous people come to me and ask me to overrule them (I won't). Their interpretation of our X-bar rule has been consistent. As for point 2, what does our doorbar rule say? ChumpCar rule 3.2.3. reads: Two driver-side door bars (labeled “7”) that will prevent cockpit intrusion. NASCAR-style or Xdesign is acceptable. At issue here is what constitutes a doorbar? If you can clearly define a doorbar then we all can count how many we have. Many here, and yes that includes other sanctioning bodies, view the X-design as 2 bars. After all, if you were to write an "X" on a sheet of paper, your pencil makes 2 lines. ChumpCar's interpretation of the "X" design however has always been that it is comprised of a single, unbroken door bar that is braced by two other short bars. This leaves the car 1 bar short of meeting rule 3.2.3. Our at the track solution was to have teams weld in gussets, tacos or a steel plate to their "X" and allow them to race. Other acceptable solutions that retain the "X" shape are to bend 2 bars to meet in the middle (as was shown earlier) or to add a sill bar at the base of the cage. So after five pages of discussion, where are we? ChumpCar's position has not changed. Door bars must be continuous, unbroken bars. What has changed is that you have shown us that something in our rules was not clear. I am currently amending rule 3.2.3. to reflect more clearly how we expect an X-design door bar to be constructed. I'm sure there are other items in the rulebook that may not come across as clear as we intended them to be. When you find those items, bring them to our attention and we can clarify our wording so everyone understands. It is counterproductive to immediately assume that ChumpCar is out to screw people over and start a long argument on the forum. I am rarely on here so you'll get quicker results by emailing me your concerns directly. Should you already have some blurry rules in mind, email me now or bring them up at the board meeting next week. Hopefully we can get everyone to the point where they trust that the ChumpCar Board and staff are here trying to make your experience a pleasant one and not one of grief.
  13. Maxxis Tires

    For those trying to reach Maxxis with size and technical questions, contact Ritche Tay. Try not to scare him away.... Ritche Tay Senior Marketing Coordinator Maxxis International - USA Direct: 909-297-5762 :: Web: maxxis.com rtay@maxxis.com
  14. Official 2017 14-Hours of Daytona

    Daytona has a waitlist now. If you are not racing, consider working with us. It takes a lot of eyes to keep 120 teams safe. I feed you and pay you better than McDonalds. And the view is better than a MCDonalds too.
  15. What? No Petition review thread?

    In the case of your "petition" and at least one other, I used an email conversation we had as the basis. You made a good point that I felt the membership should hear and consider.