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Found 8 results

  1. SAMPSON Racing Radios will be on-hand this coming weekend with a full vendor trailer to offer product and full tech support starting Friday AM. Eddie, our head tech will be located next to the tech area. Look for the SRC flags mounted on the vendor trailer. Make sure to stop by and say hi. If you have any radio questions or need some tech support he is a good guy to know Looking forward to a great event! Cheers, Shawn Sampson
  2. Items included: - Four Tekk NT-90 radios with rubber antenna. I've tested all four, fully functional. - Seven operational 1650mah batteries, four Tekk and three batterydepot.com. - Two non-operational batteries, don't seem to charge. You may be able to revive them? - One Sampson Racing crew headset. - Two crew headset cables for the Tekk radios, can be used with any racing radio headset. - Two radio BNC antenna adapters. - One radio-to-harness pigtail. - Two car harnesses of questionable quality, NASCAR plugs. We did not get into these into too much detail, but they were random enough that we pulled them from the cars. We believe if there is a problem, it is likely with the headset plugs. - One power strip with three charging bricks, likely the last ones available for these radios. These bricks plug into one of the plugs on the side (ear or mic?) - Hard-sided case to contain it all. These are not user-programmable. What you will need to do/buy to use this: - Troubleshoot and repair the car harness. As noted above, I think it's the headset jack but not sure. - Helmet headset, NASCAR jack (or have it changed to IMSA) - PTT switch Price: $300 shipped. PM me here or send me an email at bob@downingracing.com
  3. Ever since we installed our radio system, we've been struggling to get PTT buttons to last. Our button is a hole-mount style on the wheel, and when maneuvering in the pits the extra rotation of the wheel just puts too much tension on the coil cord. We've tried a few different ways of securing them but couldn't get anything to work, so I set about figuring out a different way to do things. The first step was trying to figure out exactly how the PTT circuit in the radios worked. I emailed a couple radio vendors, but didn't really like the answers I got. Eventually I was able to find a wiring diagram for our radios, Baofeng UV-5Rs. So the PTT button is just grounding the mic. That didn't make sense to me, since the PTT cord has a 3-pin connector on the end. Well, I dissected our broken button and discovered that only 2 of the 3 pins are actually used! I tested this to make sure using a jumper wire shoved into the ports on the harness side of the connector, and it worked. So off I went to figure out a way to trigger that simple switch. When looking at our quick release hub, and NRG 2.0, I notice the contacts and wiring for the factory horn. We don't have a horn on our car, so this was unused. At first I thought that I could just use the included horn button for the PTT, but I realized that wiring in a horn tethers your wheel to the hub via wires. Doesn't make much sense to me seeing as how the hub is designed to release the wheel, but I figured I could at least reuse the contacts and steering column side wiring. That's where the stuff in the rest of the pictures come in. All of the individual components. The springs and bearing balls slide into the holes of the piece on the top right, which is then pressed into the bottom of the piece on the top left. The second and third pictures show the completed piece and the accompanying cover. Pressed together piece inserted into the hub sans wheel The completed assembly. So now, instead of having a coil cord that is always pulling on the radio harness, there is a 12V Bosch relay wired into the old 3-pin connector that never moves. The button on the wheel triggers the relay using the horn circuit and it triggers the PTT. Fully removable steering wheel that (hopefully) isn't fragile! If you've got an NRG 2.0 hub and are interested in this, I could print out some more and send them. The springs came in a pack of 10 and the balls and nuts/screws in packs of 100, so I have a few spares.
  4. race set

    6 sets of Motorola radios with RE headsets. New Interstate batteries,gang charger with power supply. Car harness,new anteneas,some belts.All on the same frequencys. All in perfect working order. Will work on long tracks like Daytona and Road Atlanta. $1200.00 Shipped to the continental US. Rick Maguire 352-256-1018 call if interested.
  5. Sampson race radios 2, car charger and pit crew head set up. $300.00 OBO
  6. WTB Good Radios

    We have not had a reliable radio system for a while. The Baofengs keep dying and I need to figure something out for 2015 I'm looking at the Motorola P1225 radios or something similar. Before I goto ebay I was seeing if anyone here had radios to sell. Thanks
  7. Fellow Chumps- I have a number of Motorola MTX 8250 handheld radios for sale. These are units that were used by the local ambulance service before "interoperability" became the buzzword. They all work, but I am told they don't pass benchmark testing. Most of them tested low for transmit power (1.8-1.6W out of 2W max). I used these radios several times at Road America and we had comms everywhere but Canada Corner and Thunder Valley. They would need to be reprogrammed to get away from the public safety frequencies (don't ask how I know). I have 10 available with chargers and batteries. Let me know how man you want and make me an offer.
  8. Selling my Racing Electronics Piranha+ kit with lots of extras. Includes these items that come with the Piranha kit: - Molded hard case with foam padding - Racing Electronics base unit in-car wiring harness with NASCAR female connector - Two Motorola SP50 handsets and two chargers - Crew chief headset - Shorty car antenna Additionally, this kit includes these extras: - Motorola CM200 25w hard wired base unit w/ mounting bracket - Additional Motorola CP200 handset and charger - Extra batteries for the SP50 handsets - In-car harness has been upgraded for the CM200 base unit - Crew chief headset has been upgraded with the scanner option All four channels are programmed to different frequencies. The base unit is hardwired so you never need to worry about batteries running out during a race and the 25 watts enables you to communicate even on the longest tracks. The Piranha kit sells for $1500+tax+s/h and only includes two handsets. My kit includes three handsets, a 25watt base unit, etc etc. $1100 shipped. If interested, please email me at dbbmwm3(at)yahoo(dot)com />http://farm9.staticflickr.com/8338/8172424989_eb89a52269.jpg />http://farm9.staticflickr.com/8197/8172453010_8f6394f95d.jpg />http://farm9.staticflickr.com/8063/8172425627_c15ff71e74.jpg The only pieces you'll need to source to make this work in your car are: PTT button/cable, antenna cable/roof mount and ear buds. There are lots of inexpensive choices from a lot of different suppliers and I'd be happy to help point you in the right direction, if needed.