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Absolutely complete, 100% race ready, 92 E36 for sale.There is too much to list, inquire if you want more details on anything. This car is fast, reliable, competitive, and ready to go for ChumpCar, WRL, AER, or SCCA IT. 


1992 BMW 325i

  • Fully caged
  • Sparco EVO Seat
  • Sparco Wheel (brand new)
  • Schroth harness (brand new)
  • Radio system with PTT button on the wheel and head set for the pits. Easy to use and works great
  • Fire suppression system
  • Custom dash insert with oil pressure lights, oil pressure and temp gauges, fuel gauge, water temp, and Sunpro tach with tuner (same as they used in NASCAR $$$)
  • Completely stripped wire harness.
  • Bilstein shocks and springs
  • Aluminum racing radiator, high flow racing water pump, heater core delete with bypass
  • Custom oil cooler
  • 22 Gallon Fuel Safe fuel cell. 
  • Zero Hour total engine rebuild (still has the break in oil)
    • 2.8l Stroker crank
    • Weisco 12.5-1 compression custom made pistons 
    • Eagle H Beam rods
    • Racing ceramic bearings
    • Ported, polished, and decked M50 cylinder head with high rpm valve springs
    • Custom oil pan designed to maintain constant oil pressure during cornering. No oil worries on the banking at Daytona.
    • Build cost over $10,000. We have receipts for everything. Its only ran in around the neighborhood and isn't even broken in yet. No dyno run but you could realistically expect 200-215 hp to the wheels. The engine was rebuilt specifically to be reliable for endurance racing. M50 is engine you want, no VANOS to worry about.
  • Chipped ECU
  • Short throw shift kit. (Brand new)
  • Borla exhaust
  • Headlights, high, low, and fogs on separate switches (so you can have maximum lights for night races)
  • Four set of wheels and tires
    • Two sets of Kosei wheels with Dunlop ZIIs. One set only has a few hours, other is brand new
    • Enkeis with brand new Michelin Pilot Supersports for rain racing.
    • Spare set of nice Bayern wheels with tires for a track day on the parts car
  • Two diffs. 3.15 and 3.91 so you can chose the gearing for the track. Both are welded and rock solid.
  • Brand new axles
  • EBC rotors and Hawk HP+ pads. HP+ last the whole race with no fade. Another set of Hawk Blues for sprints.
  • Front valence with aero tray under the front end. Small rear wing.


1994 BMW 325i Part Car

  • Rear ended but starts stops steers and shifts.
  • 5 Speed, strong motor. 
  • Great parts car




2014 34ft Look Trailer

  • Triple Axle
  • Heat, A/C, freezer strips on the door
  • Top, bottom, and generator cabinets
  • Side awning
  • Only used for a couple races, low miles, basically brand new




Spares, Misc Package

  • Several sets of brakes pads
  • Transmission
  • Four sets of wheels and tires (previously mentioned)
  • Alternators, Radiators, rear ends, ECUs... too much to list here
  • A bunch of five gallon fuel jugs, Three 55 gallon drums and fuel pump
  • Everything you need, just add your helmet and suit.


Below is in-car video from Daytona before the engine rebuild. 


<iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/oI79UYvIWsQ" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>


We'd like to sell everything as a whole package. We can work something out if you only want one or the other.


$36,000 OBO 


Car is located in Savannah, GA.  Send me a PM with any questions. Email me at hoyaxc07@gmail.com. If you are serious we can talk over the phone.


FULL DISCLOSURE. We are selling everything because we are in the military and its become basically impossible to make a race. I'm located in El Paso but will set everything up if you are serious. 




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Good lord, I wish I had the money for this setup!  Good luck with the sale, I can only guess that it will go quick.

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Bump. Still for sale.



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It's EC by fuel setup alone.    GLWS.  

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Add displacement blocks to the fuel cell, ditch the unneccessary oil cooler, and add OE radiator (if aluminum radiators are still points) and you're at a 540pt 328.  

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What would the price be for just the race car?


Ball park...

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Posted (edited)

Not looking to part it out at this time. However If you are serious send me an email and we can talk pricing.



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