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  1. I personally know an SC300 that runs MOTUL motor oil and wins quite often, should we ban MOTUL oil?
  2. Scott is Joking. He is mocking all the people that think Chumpcar should be testing fuel or banning certain brands of tires etc. There is no issue, that is what he is saying!......I think.
  3. At what race? Different items were inspected at Pitt race and VIR IIRC. An inspection camera was used at Pitt too.
  4. Valve cover(s) off, engine parts removed for inspection etc.
  5. The 2016 east coast Chumpion was torn down after winning the chumpionship at VIR.
  6. Spoilers vs diffuser vs wing

    One of my teammates owns a pizza shop, and I feel like we don't use this line on him nearly enough.
  7. 320? Pffff that is like Blitz running half throttle.
  8. It is still living and should be back in action for 2018.
  9. Great post Jeff, and I am sure other candidates appreciate you not hijacking their thread. I think you really have a good understanding of the series and a good understanding of what it takes to grow the series and keep it fun.
  10. Biohazard can definetly win overall if kept clean etc. I think Cervelli (great team BTW) is pretty high in price compared to most. The Braunschweig Corvette that has many wins and podium finishes has a lower running cost than many front running chump teams, and they charge less than many too. It is more team dependent than series IMO. I run more Chump than WRL right now because I like single class racing. The current Chump rules with the new swap formula are excellent at allowing tons of different cars to win races. From non swapped cars like E30s, SC300s, Nissan Maximas, to cars that have very low HP like civics and Miatas that can now swap to better engines. It is really cool to see the parity with the current rules set. I like both series and think they both have pretty good rule sets. My spend to compete for the win in either is similar for both and low compared to most front running teams.
  11. IIRC the award $$ have also gone down too, is that correct?
  12. 2 of our overall wins were beating the TBR E36 which was sold shortly after and immediately run in chump. I don't know why Huggins wouldn't be able to win an overall in WRL with their existing car and drivers tbh.
  13. I have won 5+ overall in WRL with my GP2 Honda Civic. Your Chump E30 is probably faster than our WRL car at some tracks and slower at others. Some of our overall wins were even against NASA Prototypes and Radicals. Swedish stubbornness FTW.