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  1. Shouldn't this be a petition against wheel bearing grease?
  2. I've ruled out a couple but still not decided. My main challenge is figuring out who the top 3-4 candidates are then choosing the best from them.
  3. Troy it is not my intent to put negative light on you. You have done a lot of work to design a fast car and win. Regardless of lap times you still had to execute - which is why you are winning more than the other comparable MR2 swaps. In 2013 and prior we based car value on AIV. 2014-2016 the second gen MR2 was valued at 350 VPI. You were already competitive and winning there. No complaints about your swapped car from me. ChumpCar changed the swap rule which I thought was a fair and easier rule. However the problem I have is that ChumpCar reduced the VPI to 200 and I do not understand why. Sure I have been told by ChumpCar it was because the MR2 was unreliable and I do not see how giving points for reliability is fair. The idea of this league is to balance out the cars. At the Chumpionship many of the best teams are there and they are all trying hard to be fast. The lap time differential your team demonstrated is too great to ignore.
  4. Well Troy has his whole history on the trunk that will help. What u see is what I attended or remembered so if that is cherry picking so be it. U could put 30 low results on there it will still won’t take away all those wins
  5. OK so this is not scientific, but based on my memory I looked up results of swapped MR2s 2013 Nelson Ledges - Biohazard - winner Racing Strong 6th 2013 PittRace 10/5 - Biohazard - winner 2013 PittRace 10/6 - Biohazard - engine blew ran 5.5 hrs finished 20th DNF 2014 Watkins Glen 5/24 - Biohazard - winner Racing Strong fails broken transmission caused accident finish 32nd DNF 2014 Watkins Glen 5/25 - Biohazard - winner Racing Strong runs 5 of 6 hours finishes 40th assume DNF 2015 Watkins Glen 5/23 - Biohazard - finish 38th Racing Strong 64th ran <2 hrs DNF 2015 Watkins Glen 5/24 - Biohazard - finish 58th DNF Racing Strong 14th 2016 MidOhio Racing Strong - finished 25th ran 4 of 8 hours DNF 2016 Watkins Glen day 1 - Biohazard - winner 2016 Watkins Glen day 2 - Biohazard - finish 2nd 2016 Charlotte Racing Strong - stuck in 5th and on 5 cylinders - finished 2nd 2017 PittRace - 10/7 - Biohazard - winner 2017 PittRace - 10/8 - Biohazard - finished 4th 2017 AMP Chumpionship - Biohazard 2nd overall and Chumpionship winner Edit: From Troy: my team has 14 wins in 8 years (average 1.75 wins a year) with 71 races total to date with this car, or 19% of the time I win. Now for Bill. He has 60 races and 1 win(with me as his driver, which has no influence on anything, I just like reminding him of that from time to time). Or you could say he has won 1.67% of the races he has entered. I think he has a much higher failure rate than me to date so he would be well above 50% failures and I think more like 75%, yet he would not openly admit that. I do not think the ludicrous team has won and if you have, sorry for not knowing. Let's say they have raced 15 times and zero wins and I would say a good 7-10 dnfs. The levithian team has zero wins also and have not raced as long, so maybe 5-10 races and also about 3-6 races dnf. Now lets add all this up. Maybe 150 total races with swapped MR2's. 15 total wins so 10% of the time they will win, which is heavily skewed with my results. 6 race wins in 10 (or 30) attempts - great job Troy - and 6 race wins, three 2nd place finishes in 19 (or 39) attempts - great job Troy and Bill. I really have nothing against them but a 200 point MPV is too low for that car. It's lower than every Toyota build in the 1990's except the Hilux - that includes Cressida and Corolla. Can GWR provide us a similar history for their car to compare win percentage? They are one of the best prepared teams I know and in an E30.
  6. Release ChumpCar 2 for next year then ChumpCar 3 for 2019 and tell us all the new features coming out in the new version. We would only be able to buy cars in the ChumpCar ecosystem.
  7. /Drive on NBCSN

    F1 race ran long and they just skipped to the next show.
  8. /Drive on NBCSN

    Argh - Forgot about it! Will be looking for reruns
  9. From 2014-2016 the second gen MR2 VPI was 350. In 2017 it dropped to 200. It is now the second cheapest Toyota for 1990-199 being higher than the Hilux but lower than the Corolla, Corona, Camry, Paseo, Tercel and all others. Prior to 2014 we were on AIV so no baseline there. Were there any other miraculous drops on cars that were already winning races?
  10. Battery fire while towing

    Those studs are secured to the floor with a washer and nut on both sides of the floorboard so they are rigid. https://www.summitracing.com/parts/sum-g1231 Can't recall if I used the studs that came in the kit or made my own. The green sleeves I custom made from some metal tubing I had so I did not have to thread the nuts down beyond the length of a socket.
  11. 2018 Schedule

    In 2016 we ran a "roval" there which allowed us to run almost the entire speedway section. Going WOT into NASCAR 3 and 4 was one of the most awesome experiences I've had in a race car. Earlier this month NASCAR announced a roval race on the schedule for 2018 using most of the infield section and two additional chicanes (added before turn 3 and near pit in) I presume so they are not having to slow 3600 lb cars down from 200 mph every lap. I should hope we are NOT using this configuration as it would totally wreck the experience up there in NASCAR 3 & 4. FWIW the infield section there I thought was pretty good with elevation changes and some technical complexity.
  12. Welcome to ChumpCar. Lots of great racing opportunity with this league. In order to help an idea of budget would be helpful. Some avenues to follow: - Check the listings here. Example: - try racing junk search for ChumpCar or SCCA. Example: https://www.racingjunk.com/Other/182950984/BMW-635csi-Race-Car.html?quickSearch=1&categoryId1=&searchString=ChumpCar&offset=4&from=search - try craigslist type in race car or roll cage. You will have to weed through the drag racing cars with a cage but you can find some gems there
  13. Battery fire while towing

    Either make the studs longer (maybe 1 or 2 inches), or bend the metal piece so it has a step down on either side of the battery (two 90 degree bends at each end). It will require you to thread the bolt on further but will also make it harder for that piece to come off and slide to the side. Mine has long studs with sleeves to accommodate the Odyssey battery. This box will also support a full size battery (say when the league makes you run their battery), or a tractor battery.
  14. Nelson Ledges

    An update and a question: Update: Work on curbing is scheduled to start next week. Question: Can anyone provided a comparison of lap times on the old and new pavement with the same car and setup? I have one data point that a 944 Porsche street car was about a second faster.
  15. That is a good question. Which aftermarket parts are relevant? Struts, sway bars, ECU, ?