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  1. Hillbilly Racing sends condolences to Jake's family and Team Infiniti.
  2. You can definitely do this. My son and I did December Sebring by ourselves, finished 11th overall and 2nd in class. Driver getting out held fire bottle, driver getting in dumped fuel. Hillbilly Racing's proudest moment in 7 years of Chumpcar racing. Good Luck !!!
  3. New Board of Directors

    Well said Ray, Mike and Andrea and the staff have always been very guick to answer any questions or address any concerns that I had. I didn’t always like the answer but I always understood why they did what they did. I'll go one step farther, no Mike with Chumpcar no Hillbilly Racing in Chumpcar. Hillbilly
  4. I remember those days. If we could have bought 50 laps it would not have done us any good, but I would have liked to buy 3 at the Glenn.
  5. You guys are too stressed out. We never leave the paddock until we hear cars roll off of pit road.
  6. Hard to win these things when when you're sitting in the paddock with blue paint all over your car.
  7. RBanks clearly won because they were the fastest car that managed to finish, not where they started.
  8. Don't see why this matters in endurance racing but if you have to do this, base it on fastest speed from last race. If your car was fastest last race you're on the pole. More than 1 car fastest, go by date of most recent race. Never raced before, start at back of pack. We were about 45th fastest at the Glenn so that's about where we would start at next race. You could use this to divide up classes also. Instead of having 30 cars in 1 class and 5 in another, you could divide cars evenly. Hillbilly
  9. Frenchy, had a great time hanging with you guys. Looking forward to the next time our Mustangs get together. Got to find some more speed if we're going to compete with you guys. Hillbilly
  10. 2017 Sahlen's Chumpyard Dog at the Glen - Official

    Don't have any video, but it was pretty wild as pace car came onto pit road every car on that end moved at same time fighting for position. Closest competition all day.
  11. Thanks again to Mike and all the chumpcar staff, and Watkins Glen for a great weekend. Congratulations to all the teams that were able to drive their cars on to their trailers for the ride home. Thanks to Team Jacky Ickx for being such good pit mates, very easy to work with. Really enjoyed talking to our fellow Mustang teams particularly # 283 Rhinoceros Racing, they were a lot of fun. Thinking about making them honorary Hillbillies. Also congrats to #775 American Express Racing, they were a lot of fun and did a great job of wheeling that big Pontiac around the Glenn. Brought back a lot of memories. Hillbilly Racing
  12. Should be no problem. Practice your pitstops. Make sure everyone knows the plan. Rarely have we ever had more than 3 team members. My son and I did December Sebring by ourselves and finnished 11th. Hillbilly Racing's proudest moment. Have fun, you're going to love it, Hillbilly
  13. Take it from a tired old trucker do not stop, you'll only be in the way. Hillbilly