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  1. And all the rest of the stuff is out/off the car (that I plan on removing, brake stuff gets to stay). Time to start the cleaning and adding lightness/simplicity prior to cage going in.
  2. Not bad for a half days work. Exhaust, shields and stuff and drive-shaft removed underneath, engine harness pulled, hoses disconnected, fuel unhooked, engine trans out. (holy cow... these are terrible out of focus pics... sorry)
  3. As long as this $15 cap is the lower limit then it would be OK. We like the good brews over here.
  4. Inspection hole, main hoop

    Passenger side is easiest to see/find. Best practice is to put the hole in a section of tube the is not in a bending moment (not at a half-way or quarter-way point between joints). If you want to make it real easy for tech, paint a contrasting colored circle around the hole or a stripe around the tube at the hole location(s).
  5. Saturday I did nothing on my car, but did enjoy some great beer and delicious BBQ at Tyler's sweet new garage with a nice house right next to it. Totally worth it. Today, woke up late (recovering from probably too much brisket and burnt ends),watched F1 then actually did stuff on the car. Rest of the interior is out, door windows, rear side windows and sunroof gone (for how much plastic is used for the frame, this thing is nutty heavy!). Carpet out. All the random plastic crap is gone. Audio wiring removed. I'm very pleased at how clean this chassis is; no signs of rust at all. Next step is to get rid of the sound deadening stuff and other useless wiring /modules. Rest of tear down (drivetrain/suspension) happens next weekend once some team member help shows up.
  6. It is time to upgrade the shop from the old fluorescent tube lights to something better. I'm down to 7 of the 10 tubes that are not burnt out (more expected in short order based on how many I replaced at one time years ago), and I'd rather spend money on improving the light output/coverage and reducing electrical costs than buy more tubes. Preference is to change over to LED Amazon has some really cheap stuff, quality/output concerns me due to low-low cost. .BigAss Fans now has BigAss lights, which look awesome but are also $$$. Ideally, I'm looking for something in the B.A.L. output range but pricing in the Amazon half of the spectrum and isn't going to need to be replaced for a while. So, who has used what? Brand, source, details (quality, purchase cost, light output, light color, etc.) What do you like about the ones you have? What don't you like?
  7. Getting there - lol. Made 95% of the interior bits into exterior bits last night... I even found $2.84 in the car! Every little bit helps... (Sorry for craptastic pic, I need to improve the lighting in my garage)
  8. ^ not swapped, just unladen....
  9. Past weekend involved some action towards replacing the Dirty Side Down Racing E36 that unfortunately took on too much damage at Road America to race again. While my dad finished pulling all the parts off of the ol' TBR car that were still usable, I started the weekend with this: And, with thanks to Joe from the TRMotorposrts team for hooking me up with one of his teammates with a potential donor, took a little trip down to South Bend ended with this: Let the replacement build begin!
  10. ^I wouldn't expect any team to go ball-out for a full stint within a few tenths of FTD. I'm not talking average, just how fast the car could go with consideration of how long the car could go. Cars max/best potential leads directly to average race pace. A chart with fast laps is neat to look at, but it is only part of the story of a race.
  11. I'd like to see those charts normalized to dry-track stint length somehow. Extra pit stops can equalize the extra speed (at least in 8+ hour race lengths). Wondering if the outlier is still an outlier? A car that is capable of 5 seconds per lap faster than the next car with equal drivers, that can still go 2 hours on fuel, is a true outlier. If that car has to stop every 1.5 hours for fuel, it might not be an outlier over the full race distance. If with extra stops figured in, the car is still significantly quicker than the field, then it is still an outlier.
  12. I am willing to share as well, but also in a bit of a pickle on this one since what is left of the car is in another state, along with the log book that has been retired.... Not that the log book shows anything (it is one of those easy-button E36s with an M50, so nothing done other than swapping springs/shocks and changing intake box to a tube/filter). So the simple thing is: VPI = 500. Springs w/in OD rule, 0 pts. Shocks w/in 2x rule, non-adjustable, 0 pts. Intake filter/box, 0 pts. Will be happy to show the log book for the new E36 build once I have it teched.
  13. The car is so fast that you can't even see it in pics! Seriously though, watching that car out on track, it was surprisingly quick! Well done, awesome team support!
  14. Driver and 1 other team member did go find them, showed our in-car video, at the end of the day.