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  1. OK what happened to your chump car today ?

    Figuring out which direction we wanted to go. Found a donor car 30 min away that got tagged in the back for INSANELY cheap. Spare parts galore. . .
  2. OK what happened to your chump car today ?

    Don't need another one, but cheap C4 for anyone interested: https://baltimore.craigslist.org/cto/d/1984-corvette/6312066777.html
  3. OK what happened to your chump car today ?

    Yanked motor out. Did a little bit of an autopsy...
  4. VIR 24 LifeLine Classic

    First, that was me in the corvette. I personally saw the flag come in, but saw you flying in the rear view and those drivers going slow, so I waited for a more opportune time to pass. And you're hitting your steering wheel like a child throwing a temper tantrum... but please continue to think of yourself as gods gift to the race track... Youre going to get someone hurt with that attitude.
  5. VIR 24 LifeLine Classic

    Couple of things: @16:50, Dude, calm down, they missed the yellow flag being taken back in. Pass them on the straights. Your driver is definitely seeing red there. Deep breath man. @17:18, same thing, deep breath man, throwing your hand out the window won’t do a thing. . . @39:15. . .That was an interesting line for the yellow car hahaha. . .
  6. VIR 24 LifeLine Classic

    You guys had the red BMW? You guys put a herculean effort putting it together. Sorry it turned out that way :/
  7. VIR 24 LifeLine Classic

    And who was the car that spun it out coming onto the front stretch early in the race and was that close to swallowing the wall?. . . Were you able to get out of your car w/o pulling the seat with you?
  8. VIR 24 LifeLine Classic

    Oh, and the awesome signage in the middle of the night while we were motorboating around VIR
  9. VIR 24 LifeLine Classic

    Umm, I'm going to head scratch on this one. This is how I managed to make contact last year. I was over taking a car on the front stretch, my bumper was even with their door, and they came over on me. . . Everyone then piled on me stating it was my fault, it was being overly aggressive. . .
  10. VIR 24 LifeLine Classic

    Not the guy on our team. Just keep in mind, were EC, were not in the competition for anything. Us doing things that risk wadding up our car does no good. We weren't talking trash until your team started blaming it entirely on us; I was venting a little because it was aggravating and my car is pretty cooked. Your driver story didn't make sense. He passed us... we were 'dangerously' slow... we came out of no where and hit him... He doesn't remember... Im not going to put which official on the spot but even the staff was familiar with that driver and stated he runs aggressively. I raced you guys on that section of the track. Our cars are even. There's no way you could have passed us, then us somehow in 200ft us catch back up to you and side swipe you. It's just not possible. I honestly think it happened like the car that got smacked that was going into the esses last year. (Forget the teams) saw a slower car, and rather than wait, took the aggressive move and forced it when it wouldn't fit. And after all of this, congrats on the podium finish. I don't think you guys purposely took us out. I think you took an aggressive move and we paid a higher price because of it. Yes it's aggravating but it's also racing. We don't want to get hit or hit a car just as much as you. Well have cameras on our car next year to cover ourselves. Also, I'll bring some beer, come over and talk to us.
  11. VIR 24 LifeLine Classic

    For serious. .. Let's talk about the additional ventilation our engine block acquired ~3:30 in the morn w/ absolutely no warning. Good oil pressure, good temp, no noise, BOOM.
  12. VIR 24 LifeLine Classic

    I think it's unreasonable to expect the driver to see that flag. However, I came up to a bunch of these situations where I had the run up speed and a little room to stick my nose in there. I personally, would (and did in my situations) back off and just pass at a more opportune time.
  13. VIR 24 LifeLine Classic

    May be I'm wrong, but the first one, trying to push Same thought.
  14. VIR 24 LifeLine Classic

    Agreed. I think the staff did everything they could. I think the teams that were really being aggressive were in the far minority. I already know our team is hated on the track by a lot and were doing everything we can to fix that. It would be one thing if the team said "yeah, I pushed it when I shouldnt have." I get it, its racing, stuff happens. Its frstrating because we already feel guilty for showing up and the collective groaning. But then we do everything we can to keep it clean, talking to the staff for extra instruction, etc, and our guy gets punted and then you blame us like we have no right being on the track because we may slow you down in the corners; thats beyond aggravating. Anyway, foosa. We won a sweet fire supression system, we at least got a couple hours in. Well get the car figured out and go from here.
  15. VIR 24 LifeLine Classic

    Gotcha. So they can blame us even when none of their story lines up, even though all of us did absolutely everything we could to keep it clean, etc. We did everything we could this year to stay away from people, getting out of peoples way, etc. The fact that the entire grid was black flagged for aggressive driving when we werent even on the track doesn't suggest a thing. Nope. Its the corvettes fault. I can and have taken criticism and readily admit we werent the best last year and I beat it into everyones head to keep it clean this year. That said, Im not going to let us be the whipping boy by some team who even the officials noted for their aggressive driving.