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  1. Huh? The whole reason why paying for Chump racing is to drive fast and to have fun. To pay the same for driving a boring car slowly misses the point completely. But, if you insist you need no VPI or penalty laps. Two magic letters: EC. You will be dead last either way!
  2. Honda brakes - good suggestions welcome!

    Thanks for all good input - one of the things I do love about Chump is all the help available! I'm slowly learning step by step, both about driving and about what to do to the cars. The Lexus we had during our baby years had fabulous brakes - but I had also re-built it all, and it was a rather slow car. The Wagon is a lot faster, so already there we will put a lot higher demands on the brakes. ross2004 - thanks for the info on the 2 piston calipers. Still sliding caliper, but I will try to avoid too much fabrication so bolt-on is a good thing. PS - Staunton, we're pretty much neighbors... Welcome to swing by if you are passing down I-81 sometime! XPH - very nice indeed! Will look into that option too! Adjustable prop valve - yes, might be easier going that route than experimenting with the bite of the rear pads. Fluid is of course a cheap investment. I was happy with the ATE Blue when I started running the Lexus back in 2011, but better is better. I will get the best I can. Rotors and Heat... yes, the Wagon seems to run the brakes hot. (But PIRC seems to be quite demanding of the brakes too...) I had got new ATE rotors before this event - I generally like them a lot, but I haven't been able yet to check what they look like after the event. (That said, the slight vagueness of the brakes is there the whole time also before they get hot. And I think the vagueness makes me brake less aggressively, and if I stay longer on the brakes I will just heat them up more..? So, getting to a more distinct brake feel will most likely in itself help with the temps)
  3. VPI for a 2013-14 Nissan Altima 2.5 Base Model?

    Two comments: First - you are giving away the reason why you shouldn't get a VPI number. A big part of Chump is trying to survive with old beaters that regularly breaks down. A 13k mile 2014 car is just a totally different starting point. It would completely change the course of the series if it was to be filled with new cars. Secondly - regardless of the above you are already perfectly welcome to run it in Chump. The magic letters are EC.
  4. Honda brakes - good suggestions welcome!

    Mushy might be a relative term too. I've never driven any other Honda on track so I have not much to compare to. The brakes are not bad, but I'd like them to be sharper. More aggressive early bite, better communication about where the threshold is. A bit more front bias. I've maintained that I want the brakes to be the best part of a car's performance but on the Wagon I currently have relatively more engine power than stopping power and that's what will get addressed over the winter!
  5. VPI Numbers you just can't get your head around

    Very much so. To me the biggest difference was coming over the crest that leads out on the back straight. Last year it was awfully bumpy tracking out to the right, this year one could floor it a lot earlier without unsettling the car.
  6. Honda brakes - good suggestions welcome!

    Thanks to both of you for thoughtful and detailed replies! Yes, I agree on the maintenance thing which is why my initial approach would be to just rebuild what's there now. Sorry that I wasn't clear on what I run (other than saying Acura TL rotors...) I have 5-bolt 114.3 mm hubs. Regular rotors, none of those pressed on things. Calipers appear to be Prelude circa 1999, at least that's what I have bought pads for. Tires are 225/50-16 Falken RT-615K. ATE 200 Fluid. SS lines. No ABS. I will remain limited to my 16" wheels, as I have no plans to upgrade those. But the "could go crazy for reasonable $$" is kind of what I was thinking I should do. I've never been in a car with too good brakes! 😉
  7. So, this winter I will look into the brakes a bit more. It is nice to be able to stop with some confidence! (Yes, finding that I had no brakes coming into the hairpin at the end of the back straight at PIRC last weekend did not build more confidence in my brakes, but that was my own fault as it had lost the fluid through the rear caliper...) But they have never been that great. Slightly mushy pedal, not easy to modulate well. So even when they are good I brake earlier than I have to due to a confidence thing. The Accord Wagon has 4-wheel discs, Acura TL front rotors, Hawk DTC-70 front and DTC-30 rear pads. The easy approach is just to go through everything. Rebuild master cylinder and calipers, making sure everything glides nicely. Try a different fluid than the ATE that I have run this far. Or, are there any well known tricks in the Honda community for adding more stopping power? Master cylinder, front rotors, calipers? I guess anything that fits within my 16" wheels and fits my measly budget would be of interest... Feel free to share your suggestions.
  8. VPI Numbers you just can't get your head around

    Not that it has much to do with this thread, but PIRC was much faster this year. Last year we drove the Wagon with 245/40/17 BFG Rivals and yes, it was the first time I drove it but I was doing 2.14 and my two ringer guest drivers who today are pros were doing 2.08.5 and 2.10. This year I ran less tires on the car 225/50/16 Falkens and I did a couple of 2.10 laps. I don't think it was my skill levels that have improved that much since last year... About this topic, well, I haven't paid much attention to the values after the rule against our Yellow Koni shocks pushed me to start running EC this year, but looking at the list 3 things are clear: Someone doesn't like to see any Lancias getting beat up. 275 base VPI for a Beta. That dog had 87 hp, some 13 seconds for 0-60 and a reliability that... Well, I know why we do not see the top teams all running Betas. My beloved old Lexus ES250 is at 375 points Let's just say that it is about as poor of a choice for competitiveness as the Beta would have been. But not that it mattered because no matter the points you would not run upfront anyway... I'm even more impressed with Rbanks and their Saabs, because the points do not favor those cars. I once had a 9-3 2.0T and drove it at VIR and it was not a great experience. The 200 points for my Accord looks like a great value vs the cars above!
  9. The flames were very pretty to watch IRL
  10. Just taking a chance here - at PIRC we lost one of our brand new Enkei RPF1 16" Honda 5-bolt rims due to a bit of contact... I'll need to buy a new one, but thought I should check that noone here happens to have one lying around..? https://www.tirerack.com/wheels/WheelCloseUpServlet?target=runWheelSearch&initialPartNumber=3796706543BS&wheelMake=Enkei Racing&wheelModel=RPF1&wheelFinish=Bright Silver Paint&showRear=no&autoMake=Honda&autoModel=Accord+Sedan+EX+V6&autoYear=2003&autoModClar=
  11. Isn't the video marketed with a pretty start picture?
  12. I will never become a Youtube guru - somehow I posted the video as "Private" which probably didn't help it going viral...
  13. That sucks... Try to copy the link directly to the browser. I got some kind of message that Youtube wasn't allowing this video to be embedded...