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  1. You go on a bit too.
  2. is that the usual amount of dog nonesensical talk?
  3. You just need 6 feet of 3" filler hose like Bill Strong!
  4. In a sprint race? lol
  5. I'm absolutely not concerned with 'endearing' anyone, I'm concerned with keeping things simple and straightforward, and I think a lot of chumps are behind that. I'm totally on board with gathering more (any) data on the topic of fuel before making rules. Out of respect for Tyler, i'm done! On the topic of Tyler - In my experience with him, he's definitely on board with keeping cost under control. He's a normal guy just like the rest of us, campaigning what in the past was a pretty aggressive racing schedule on his own budget and own time. I know that he seizes any opportunity to cut costs and keep things under control, and he's pretty smart with money, being a financial professional.
  6. What I would love to hear is someone other than InActiv motorsports who wants race fuel banned
  7. And you're not going to convince me. Why do we argue on the internet again? Most likely those teams would be podium contenders with or without race gas, but I understand why you might have the opinion you do. Some of the most winning teams in chumpcar run pump gas. Race gas, generally speaking, won't make you more reliable and we all know that's the #1 criteria for even having a shot at winning an endurance race. I'm not sure you were around chumpcar when it was run by a knee-jerking illogical dictator, but he had a tendency to find (what he thought was) scapegoats or the 'enemy of the day' and he would write specific rules to ban them. That's why we ended up with the disjointed, nonsensical rules that banned some cars and gave an advantage to others. The direction we're now going with Mike is a much more thought out, pragmatic approach that really evaluates the impact of a change and whether it's really necessary. I think we'll find this one can be shelved until we have more compelling evidence that it really is the problem some claim it to be.
  8. Testing, implemented simply, is not hard, it just has very little value. Most small displacement motors won't gain all that much power from increasing compression/timing and running race fuel. I think regulating the (un-regulated) tire treadwear is a bit less of a ghost than the 'rampant' cars winning on race fuel.
  9. I mean.. Tyler. Vote Tyler. Almost forgot what thread I was in <3 you buddy
  10. That's where your logic is extremely faulty. Guess how well 'I smell your exhaust, it smells like race gas!' will go over in a protest? And who do you think is gonna have a VP (etc) labeled drum in their trailer? They wouldn't even be trying! There are simple approaches, but those have weaknesses too. You know what's stupid simple? Not implementing a rule without value. Vote Paul if you want the rules to only attack real problems
  11. I believe valve covers have been removed, but nothing further.
  12. I do love the smell of race fuel in the morning.
  13. You're right, that was taking it to an extreme. If we wanted to implement it, your suggestion is exactly how i'd do it. I'm generally against adding complication to the series if it isn't truly justified. I have a feeling this isn't justified; I think very few teams are running such crazy high compression/excessive boost that you actually need race fuel to keep knock in check. That's playing with fire and I'd imagine teams that try that don't do well as those motors are generally pretty finicky. A lot of risk for not very much reward - if your car is quick, you drive quick, and stay on track, you don't need to eek every ounce of power out of a motor to win in this series, in my opinion. I could get a LOT more power out of my car than I currently do, but to me it's not worth the cost and the risk of running a fairly unstable motor that's treading on a knife edge.