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  1. The combined 5 mile is awesome. Two completely different styles in one lap - old school fast 90 degree turns on the 3 mile then switch to new school twisty winding 2 mile. It is a challenge to drive both styles in a race.
  2. Then Thunderhill and ORP and you have hit three of the best tracks in the west.
  3. Yeah, like that would mean we would only save 2 or 3 threads... ...
  4. Is this where I get to make my millions by staying up all night waiting for the new forum to become active then create a bunch of new accounts of Chisek/McKinney/Strong/Waldrop/Mills/Enger/Sainato/Alexander then sell the names back to the rightful people?? Mwahahahahahaha... evil plan about to be put into action to make millions, no billions of dollars.
  5. Official - Change

    I think you need to tighten your grip on reality a bit more.
  6. I guess because somebody tried to make a bad car into a good one?
  7. The brand name does not sway my opinion.
  8. A fastener is free and a fastener is pretty useless without a washer. I would consider washers as part of the fastener.
  9. If your oil temp does not go above 180/max 200 I would question if you have the right sender for the gauge. 30-40 degrees warmer than water is pretty normal.
  10. Same as everything else, weld and drill holes as you wish, if you add material then account for it.
  11. Torque wrench range?

    I have a 3/8 drive which is shorter in length so it is handy in tight quarters, range is 20-100. I also picked up when I saw it on sale a 1/2” drive that is longer and I don’t know 50-200? Very handy to have both.
  12. Criminal court is a fast and hard yes/no for jail. Not guilty in criminal court has little bearing on civil court action for the same offence. Civil is the amount of blame equated to dollars.