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  1. Simple Enforcement for Fuel

    A 331 stroker in a 302 block, race cam, roller rockers, high ratio rockers = well over 400 hp and does not need race gas. Eliminating race gas does not eliminate any of those bits while pulling a valve cover eliminates a number of them, checking stroke eliminates the rest.
  2. Simple Enforcement for Fuel

    Exactly, not as cheaty so it doesn't really accomplish anything. The root of the problem is how to check for the cheaty bits. Check for those and the race gas problem goes away too. Pull some rocker covers when it is easy, check stroke when it is easy... when a Datsun E31 head is shaved there is no metal below the "E31" casting, the E is right at the bottom of the head material., etc.
  3. Simple Enforcement for Fuel

    Exactly, more compression - how do you get more compression? Are the bits to get more compression being claimed? If they are not being claimed now, will excluding race gas make them get claimed? I doubt it.
  4. Simple Enforcement for Fuel

    Race fuel or not, how much hp does it add? Just the race fuel, not all the cheaty bits that require it. If a team has the bits requiring race fuel, have they claimed the cams/pistons/heads in the first place? If they are not claiming them then how is making them downgrade to premium going to make them start claiming those less zooty but still non-OE bits requiring the 93 octane? It is not. A No Race Fuel rule is not going to solve anything, nor make the cheaty teams more honest, just less super-cheaty. Perhaps just upper-cheaty? Saying race fuel is too expensive is akin to saying no expensive motorhomes allowed, no double stacker haulers, no two car enclosed trailers... because that is also all too expensive and not allowed in the series. This part of the argument above I do not get.
  5. We had an oil leak on the engine that was making it through a patched hole in the firewall, of course it had to be making its way on to the brake pedal. JJ was making a pass on the inside of the turn, hit the brake pedal and his foot slipped off stabbing the throttle when he was already late braking into a turn, then I guess went spinning off into never-never land.
  6. We let him forget about it... occasionally, sometimes, when we are not together... OK not really, not yet, probably never.
  7. Agree, common practice on which coast? Not the West. If I use East coast common practice methods pretty soon I will end up at zero points.
  8. Simple Enforcement for Fuel

    Would a knock sensor pull enough timing so they could survive say 1.5 hours on 93? If say you had a knock sensor, not like I have one. Could an OBD II computer compensate enough to still run decently?
  9. Really? How does that work and does it add anything to vouch for him?
  10. Um 3000gt and Stealth VPI

    Maybe it was being too stealthy.
  11. Is that the fence that my teammate managed to find and everybody including us were wondering how he got there?
  12. I nominated one. My Canadian membership was transferred to the US system and we race mostly in the US.
  13. Rule 7.2.2

    Hand signals are not required, especially of new drivers because they have enough to do staying on line, one eye in front, and one eye on the mirrors. Faster teams can usually tell which drivers/cars are new.
  14. Rebuild or heck NO?

    There is a guy in town that machines down the 13B housings for the first gen 12A Western Canadian series. That was why I checked into it.