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  1. Rented one. Probably the worst car on the planet. The first time I "hit" the brakes I thought I was going off the road (straight line on the freeway). NO as in NO power. The CVT drone will drive you crazy. The door handle broke off in my hand and it overheated on the way back to the airport. And it has NO power. Second worst car is a Ford Kugá diesel (it broke down on the way to the airport). The diesel engine was its only good attributes until it stopped working.
  2. 2018 Schedule

    That is a mAcroaggresion and I will now need to go to my safe space.
  3. Barber is full

  4. Barber is full

    I just tried to enter Barber and found out it's capped at 40. Did I miss this information posted somewhere?
  5. NL24 replaces VIR24?

    Why not make the NL 8+8 the first year and see if this pent up demand for NL is really there? Talk is cheap but actually entering is another thing. VIR24 is a known winner. Why mess with it for an unknown?
  6. NL24 replaces VIR24?

    Say it ain't so.
  7. Lighting. If I'm not mistaken or perhaps this has changed, we are not allowed any tape or tinting on the rear window. Putting some tape across the top of your rear glass would help a lot. Can this in some way be allowed? I see many pro teams doing this at night races. I also fold my wing mirrors in at night (sorry, I have a big curved mirror inside and although not ideal is legal). I just don't see how the Chump staff can police maladjusted lights with 100 entries.
  8. We give some drive time to people that help out. At NCM a kid that helped us all weekend got a half hour driving the race car during the Friday practice. He and his father are coming to VIR24 to help. I won't have an opportunity to put him in the car there but I plan on "paying" him back.
  9. Official NCM 2017 sponsored by Racing Radios

    The officially official officials thread? Exciting
  10. Newb VIR 24 questions

  11. How would you handle gridding?

    No hoods up once you are on the grid. If you open your hood you forfeit your spot. I also like Superdave's idea above.
  12. How would you handle gridding?

    I like LeMans starts. Make it a 5k. We might lead a lap.
  13. Pedals are key. E30 no problem. Second nature to rev match. My Miata. Not so much. Ugly.
  14. NCM Mid June

    Will passengers be allowed during the Friday practice?