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  1. Points for round or square tubing

    No part of any modern car's bumper is there for safety reasons. They are there for specifically to minimize insurance claimed damage for impacts low enough to not cause any potential injury to begin with. Bumpers (on street vehicles, at street speeds) are not safety items. Bumpers like the tube structure shown (which I also have on my vehicle, front and rear) *DO* add resistance to damage in offset impacts... and will continue to function even in a deformed state. Factory "crash structure", not so much.
  2. Wilwood brake upgrade - points?

    I went Wilwood just for pad cost FWIW... The 4-piston Z brakes I already ran were almost the exact same piston size, and on the same rotor. Now my pads are 50% thicker and cost half as much. And (just) fit within the 2x rule, by about 80 cents
  3. Do not like. Wasn't asked my opinion either though, so...
  4. Simple Enforcement for Fuel

    Haven't owned many Italian cars, have you? ;-) I'd say that engine is borderline on the street on 93, start pushing it on a racetrack? Yeah, they get a pass on the (race) gas from me
  5. JDM Engine Swap Legality

    Point being they brought engine "swapped in from a 2012 Tunaslapper Type R" on the paperwork, Tunaslapper Type R is not in the VPI list, and while the engine may be quite similar to the 2009 Tunaslapper LS that is on the list, they didn't submit it for review and approval. This is one of those rare cases where asking forgiveness rather than permission is NOT the way to go...
  6. JDM Engine Swap Legality

    It was from a newer chassis not on the list (TSX? TL-S? maybe?) and they didn't get it added via request prior to getting to the track, therefore EC.
  7. JDM Engine Swap Legality

    Formulate your clear proposal, document both the similarities and the differences, and request a ruling via email from Mike and/or Phil (contact info on the website)... if you're reasonable and not trying to fudge things, you should be fine. Be patient, they're rather busy folks
  8. Rebuild or heck NO?

    There are more winter package E36s running Chump than were ever built by the factory ;-)
  9. VPI Numbers you just can't get your head around

    Why the heck can't you do both? FFS, this is supposed to be fun, what's wrong with a little bench racing in (what for me) is the off season? Jeez, you'd think I was whining about getting extra fuel or something... #thatwassarcasm
  10. Rebuild or heck NO?

    I've blown up three engines on track, and two more that have run flawlessly. I have raced two engines without ever opening up more than the valve cover. Guess which two?
  11. What are your failures?

    Three blown head gasket in a single race at a VIR 24. I blame DSM for that. Disintegrated oil pump pulley on another engine at WGI. Also DSM. Had a 2 piece crank pulley shear it's assembly bolts and send the alternator drive section flying out from under the car at NJMP. That was on the Nissan when it was KA powered. Overheated that engine at WGI after a refresh, failed to retorque the head studs after break-in. Another WGI event. Next year at WGI had brand new full rebuild lose compression in all four cylinder during practice. Gave up and swapped. Only issues with the new setup can all be traced to inferior turbo mounting hardware and a need for additional/stiffer exhaust mounting.
  12. VPI Numbers you just can't get your head around

    Looks like somebody was game to try it: Found on the citrus lounge 😁
  13. A Safer Refueling System?

    That's part of why i use nylon for the fittings and clamps. Nylon is also more fuel and ethanol resistant.
  14. VPI Numbers you just can't get your head around

    Former owner of not one, but TWO 83 models... and I miss that daily abuse I really should rebuild that '74 4-port 13B I have in my garage. Talk about power, that thing made 200hp to the wheels with a Weber 48IDA and long tube headers. You can make it, all depends how fast you want to spend errrr... spin those doritos.
  15. Pittsburgh Grad Prix 8 and 7

    She's a beaut, ain't she? I got all excited about the exhaust flames then the BSOD flashed up across them <sadpanda>