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  1. Official - Change

    Can't believe someone is seriously upset that we're using a name that has been dead 10+ years.
  2. Hi! I'm still here. Vote for me and such.
  3. I can't answer that until I see what the petition says, how its worded, etc. But, I did say I was in favor of making them public ....
  4. I'm all for posting them, either in person during impound or submitting and making everyone's tech sheets and log books accessible online. However, I get the other side of the coin on this one and don't feel strongly enough in my position to force the issue. We're not a spec series, the cars shouldn't be equal.
  5. Please quit derailing our thread about booze.
  6. Brew Krewe Racing - Sprint Racing, Endurance Drinking. Love you Doc.
  7. Every hour you're off track broken is an extra hour for beer consumption Doc...
  8. I don't think any of the 4 cars I help run are junkyard cars.
  9. I just want to back up and remind folks that I said I'm not in favor of any rules for tires or fuel right now. Only if the issues get out of hand, which they aren't. They're simply the soup of the day here on the ChumpCar forums. I was asked a specific question, so I answered it.
  10. Paul, thanks for weighing in. I'm easily swayed on the subject. I'll be honest, when considering parc femme for 2-day weekends I was more looking at what would happen at the pointy end of the field. I see now that there is definitely an opposite effect at the back end / lower funded teams. I'm all for rethinking my opinion on the matter. I'm a flexible thinker and don't pretend to see all the scenarios alone.
  11. Huggy, I am very much concerned about cost controls in ChumpCar. Budgets in this series are growing at an exponential rate and membership has a right to start discussing ways of curbing costs. ChumpCar's entire concept is built on cheap racing. Allowing out of control spending is not going to sit well with our membership / customer base. ChumpCar World Seriespresented by RVA Graphics & WrapsReal Racing. Real Tracks.Real Cheap Cars! "Real Cheap Cars"... that's what the brand is built on.
  12. No Chip, what I'm saying is to make it a single race. Not two races. Just like was done for the Chumpionships this year. You want to drive costs down, impounding the cars overnight certainly helps.... except in Huggy's case: It's a double edged sword. How many teams are going to run two sets of brand new tires at VIR because they can change them with no penalty overnight? I don't think all races need to be impound, but I'd certainly support seeing more of them.
  13. I don't think these newer softer tires and fuel octane need to be addressed... YET. They're both something we should be keeping an eye on and if it gets out of control then we need to address it. However, right now, I don't see a wide spread issue. If these issues grow I'd be in favor of a single tire per pit stop rule or extended minimum pit stop times for tire changes. I'd also support street fuel as the only acceptable fuel, making an exception for oil mixed fuel for the rotaries. I'm also a fan of parc femme (impound) races. That still gives the sense we are endurance racing and helps keep costs down as less teams are inclined to spend big money putting on new brakes and tires overnight between double-7s or double-8s.
  14. I see what you did there... I don't think we should be electing anyone that might be interested restructuring classes to benefit themselves or thinks the job is about re-writing the rule book. I'm also not a fan of voting in anyone that doesn't run Chump with a full time team nor involved in the building and prep of the car they drive.
  15. I'm going to politely decline to answer that. I've got several friends as well as other respected individuals that I thought were deserving of my vote. I made what I thought was the best decision for ChumpCar.