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  1. Mopar 4 Life and 4 ever

    Hopefully I can rent a seat next year with this team. I've competed with them on track and at the bar....both good times
  2. Sounds like a pain in the arse.....glad I have an older one.
  3. Bill has been busy on Wiki

    Edited 24 days ago. He's slacking.
  4. Simple Enforcement for Fuel

    What is the point of claiming race fuel if it has no value? We don't claim springs, struts, or brake pads that are within the 2x rule on our logbooks. If you have a problem with people using race gas because you think they have something done in their engine then protest them in impound for their unclaimed motor bits.
  5. Simple Enforcement for Fuel

    I don't have a problem with race fuel. If you want to spend money on it then so be it. Remember there are teams/cars who start with low enough points that they can build a nice engine with points and not be cheating which may require race fuel mixture.
  6. 2018 Schedule

    Can you add a frames/no frames option?
  7. What radio helmet kit are you using?

    I bought my IMSA mic from Shawn and then get earfuze ear buds. Very happy with my purchase.
  8. Rebuild or heck NO?

    I think it also depends what parts you're using to rebuild with. An eBay kit is not going to be as reliable as OEM parts. Sorry to break this to everyone. I prefer using high quality OEM parts as an engine is the heart of the car.
  9. Ben Schaut for BoD

    I feel jipped since I didn't learn anything new
  10. Trailer Tires & Wheels Free Shipping and Chump Discount

    As we get into the Chumpionships make sure you are checking your trailer tires before you leave for the event. We can get tires and wheels to your door pretty quick. Let me know if you need anything going into the winter time.
  11. Always have a cooler full of beer waiting for the checkered flag. Make sure you always offer the last drive a cold beer followed by a water.
  12. OK what happened to your chump car today ?

    Grab a hammer for those custom stock flares
  13. Racecast, ChumpCast, and Youtube

    Shouldn't effect the phone or the live stream. I have had a ton of messages with no problems.
  14. What are your failures?

    Engine - junkyard motors usually lead to failures quicker than a rebuilt motor. Axle - blew out an axle at COTA and Watkins. Change them every 30 hours or so Read diff - hard to put down power in a corner if this is going out. Happened at Gingerman but still managed to podium. Radiators - make sure you have a screen for debris and make sure there are not any shards of metal close by that could bust a hole in the radiator fins. Also check to make sure your radiator is not clogged Coil on the M20 - the weld on the coil mount broke which shorted the engine. Double clamp it with some bolts and lock nuts.
  15. Which option do you want?