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  1. WE should just post them online . Could even start a thread and post them there.
  2. I stopped bitchin about no tech sheets when I saw that they were supposed to be posted . Are they posted or are they not?? Love the racing . So much to do..
  3. Good deal Justin. That is a sweet car . Glad it worked out.
  4. Really.. All Tyler has to say is "that I dont think it is a problem". The guys with cost control in mind will move on. I did . Proactive . The BOD needs to be Proactive. Disregarding costly trends , waiting for the "early adopters" to cost all of us more money and making a rule later ,pisses off people . Simple as that. Make the rule before it pisses off peeps. Even "requesting" that we run "pump gas" would be a start. Dont vote Tyler if you want a gas rule. .
  5. OK what happened to your chump car today ?

    That should be a 200 pt truck? you should have some swap room..
  6. What is the current protocol for giving back a spot under FCY? Most places say "no passing under yellow." The spot is supposed to be given back after the green. Has CC made a provision for passing under yellow with a point by? I tell my team to never take a point by under FCY .
  7. OK what happened to your chump car today ?

    More trucks. yeah . Sorry, Yeah!!!.
  8. Control arm and heim joint points question

    IMHO, yes they count as one unit @ 10 pts per side. I built my track bar with bolts and holes to not have any questions, but now it looks as tho I could have used the proper rod ends .
  9. Will it PASS Tech?

    Welcome . Sweet car !! Should have plenty of points to use the tubing. Great picture with Tom'S Tiger right on it. He still race s that car also. FWIW I have a pair of 2in SUs . flat mount style . Tom Patton =Tiger Now runs GT2
  10. Many cars can be CCed in the car. Miata, VW etc . easy . Anything with the plug near vertical. Cranking compression tells a lot also . Big cam drops it, but if the car is a runner, the compression is upped to help pick up low end torque. MY SBC not so much . Still likes octane for some reason . And soft tires of course. The little camera shows non stock pistons .
  11. I use "Total Seal Gapless" rings, they make a breakin powder . Just like the old cleaner powder guys use on rings. . Seems to work . Goes faster.
  12. https://extremewheels.com/product/2006-lamborghini-gallardo/
  13. YES. IT is the nuts . My HD racer bud turned me on to it . Way better than the 300$ boroscopes. and handy around the house too.... I monitor my SCCA piston tops . gas ported , piston to deck hits, etc. Plugs into the computer USB, self loads the driver ,and takes vids also for review later or sending elsewhere.
  14. https://www.walmart.com/ip/5M-6-LED-USB-Waterproof-Endoscope-Borescope-Snake-Inspection-Video-Camera-7mm/680294336 Iuse this. Throw out the old boroscope
  15. Spoilers vs diffuser vs wing

    I can still do the wing cores. The foam/glass shop is still set up. We sold the model airplane business but kept the prototype stuff. I like the 12% , about 11.5 chord , flat bottom , or undercambered. The undercambered can break the tail off unless yyou use a glass covering . That is one reason I used a reflex section on my airplane design. I use a Gurny flap and BA tip plates. Or .. about 24in chord X 70in . Should make about 1200# load @ 9 AOA with plates and Gurny. My current Chump wing is 3 Formula Mazda take offs, stuffed end to end. . I dont have a nose wing yet.