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  1. Engine displacement and class

    Our old swap put us over the CC break by a few and we ran the next upper class. Aggreed. Pts based makes the most sense, but hey cant go there.
  2. Somebody has to keep the name out in the public. Might as well be us. My truck looks a little like an old open wheel mod. Early 80s. Huge tires, huge wing , huge power. (247) etc.
  3. Keep the forged ones, toss the stamped ones.
  4. Chin loved it . All of the Pcars pointed it by. Ran on the tail of a Evo on rains on E85. We both had a blast. My Son said it was his favorite car. This was his ministock turned road racer turbo Porsche chaser. With Dynamic Rear Steer,locked diff, big power. It was second fastest on the video day in the rain . 1800# / 250 tq, Welded diff, decent tires. Total blast to drive. Too much power- it goes straight, too little power- it goes straight. Get it right in T 1 with boost in the rain and holycrap.. I ran out of gear @ Sebring ,about 140+-. Sub 1:50 fuel burn . It was fast but problematic. Dry Lap times at 2:37 or under. @ 10# boost. This was before free ECU and actual cost turbo. This one was a T3/4 from Mekur along with a slobbering modified CIS. When it didnt break engine bits ,it broke something else. You are totally correct on the water injection . Lack of water would hurt the pistons for sure. I tuned with it off and simply hoped it would help keep the charge cool. T bird coupe intercooler mounted thru the hood with exhaust tubing. . To remove the turbo, you have to remove the head. The turbo fell off/loose, the first race, welded the failed manifold etc. I still have the turbo bits. 2009, CC started with 500$ cars . I bought 2 VW circle track cars and removed the Holley carbs, thinking that the 300$ carb would be "not in the spirit". The best one turned into the TurboJett. John outlawed the turbo MOL when the SRT builds started going really fast and thus ended it's development. We bought the ZX 300. Blowed up then finally crashed , swapped the drive train to the Ranger. Ran OK but not fast enough , blew up 2 trans ,sold whats left, swapped to SBC and lowered the drive shaft speed for 14hrs @ daytona .
  5. MY turbo Jetta had water injection and limited spark advance . Like 27* total . Fill the fuel ,fil the 3 gal of water. Simple washer bottle motor on a TPS switch Spraying pre snail .
  6. OK what happened to your chump car today ?

    I removed 1 and a 1/2 of the rear leafs on the Ranger and then added a track bar about 4 in off the ground. The spring rate is about 80# now . The wing makes so much load that I had to add bumpstops to keep the tires from rubbing. Edit; our swap math had a max of 250HP . the 89 vette is 245 so it works .
  7. OK what happened to your chump car today ?

    2000 swapped Ranger; Added BA soft tires, new mo bigger front sway bar,. The S10 should be good with the same swap as mine. 1990 C 4 engine at 245 HP for about 100pts with trans .
  8. Control arm and heim joint points question

    The per corner pts includes the BJ or long stud. IMHO you are wasting real money for the fancy stuff with the 180 TW rule.
  9. I buy the twin pack shop lights Ebay for about 75 shipped. I hate the noise the old crap makes along with the continual replacement. . Rural King has then on sale Thurs all day for 18 or19$ Gunna get me a few more.
  10. Ford Explorer - VPI table

    I t should be about 20pts higher than the Merkur or SVT Mustang. Same power train MOL with same or Bettter trans . Has a knock sensor .
  11. It,s not cheating if there is no rule.
  12. WE should just post them online . Could even start a thread and post them there.
  13. I stopped bitchin about no tech sheets when I saw that they were supposed to be posted . Are they posted or are they not?? Love the racing . So much to do..
  14. Good deal Justin. That is a sweet car . Glad it worked out.