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  1. Can I get a thumbsup for being a good guy, lurking, and not starting long rants?
  2. Lingo: Burndown You could also say: Playing staging games Definition: The act of deliberately stalling or taking a long time to stage your car in the attempt to either overheat your opponent’s car or break their starting-line concentration to hurt their reaction time. It's hard on the guys with clutches that stage with some clutch preload, so you're essential smoking the clutch in the lights waiting for the other driver, AND banging the rev limiter... sitting there waiting. largely considered a D-bag move. Especially in this scenario as the event had gone WAY over time. This happened about 1:30am and was no time to test the resolve of the track team and the fans. although some fans kinda dig the games like that. But mostly at this level, it's considered pretty disrespectful. most tracks have like a 5 second or 7 second automatic foul in these situations. You have a few seconds to respond to your competitors courtesy stage and then stage yourself, or they toss your sorry carcass.
  3. Steve ran a 7.63 with that AWD Civic in qualifying and rowed the boat to the Semi's like a boss. I was really looking forward to this pass.
  4. I watched this happen live... dumbasses. This was the semi-finals.
  5. Anyone in Portland, OR?!

    I need fabricators and helpers. Meat for the seat, that's easy to find.
  6. 3. the Pontiac Fiero are all but a guaranteed to be a winning package.
  7. 4 things to not go cheap on

    According to Mender, don't buy a car with a small factory fuel tank. BAM! threw him under the bus again!
  8. 2018 rules are posted... debate away.

    Thanks Ron....
  9. I think I'm starting to understand the old dude in the new Corvette mentality. Just once...ONCE, I want a reasonably fast car with a fricken warranty...
  10. Over the last few weeks, I think I've weeded it down to an Audi R8 with the lamborghini V10. My best bet for durability and the closest (relatively speaking) for service. Now, to make this dream a reality, that's the tough part.
  11. Have you guys learned nothing from watching forums over the years? If you want people to agree with you, don't tell them their car is awesome. Tell them how miserable and pitiful a car is and wait for them to explain to you how you're an idiot, the car is awesome and here's why it does well...
  12. Yea, that guy's a jerk...what's his deal?
  13. Road America fall race

    It's something the Porsche club puts together at the highway patrol training facility. It's a big place. It's what started the road race bug for me (that weekend, that video). Seems like a no brainer, 8 seconds in a drag car...OR... 8 hours in a road race car. Pretty good value as these kinds of things go.