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  1. That's actually where the cage in my Rx7 came from, but not only did my welder go up in the flames, but so did my buddies whose welder I was already borrowing at the time so instead of having to replace all that stuff, I was hoping to bypass the same made thing and skip along this time.
  2. Shout out to Mike Ogren for scouting a chassis and and Andy Turner for use of his trailer... we are getting closer. Would be nice to find a roll cage shop around home, but I don't think I'll have much luck since most the folks around my parts build dirt cars.... Made more progress this weekend, and may have another trip to make this week while I have a borrowed trailer...
  3. Thanks to Mike Orgen for swinging by Palm Harbor for me today... looks like I have found a rolling chassis to start over with, that I will transplant my drive train I bought this week into. Works out good, I can build the roller and keep the running car together until I need to take it apart, and the roller is a hardtop! Going to head to Tampa next weekend to pickup the car, gotta find a trailer that I can push a car onto, I would U Haul but I'm cheap and paying $170 for a car trailer stings since 1.5 days of the rental will be just because they local place will be cost for drop off.
  4. Thanks Mike, I emailed him last night, if i haven't heard anything in a while I'll call him.
  5. Clark, I'll get in touch with him and see what's up... I wouldn't be able to come down probably till next week anyway... thanks
  6. Anyone near Palm Harbor that would go check out a rolling chassis for me? The price is right and its already stripped! https://tampa.craigslist.org/pnl/pts/d/2002-pontiac-firebird/6346225437.html
  7. Not how a teaser works... I drove to Jacksonville Tuesday night and got this car at about 10:30 pm. I had to coach a soccer game first then leave afterwards. The trailer we borrowed used a 4 way for lights, and of course Dad's truck (cause my grandfather is borrowing mine) only has a 7 way, so we had to go buy a adapter, and get gas, drive all the way to north 295 and 95, etc.. I got home Wednesday morning around 2am. So I haven't even unloaded it yet. 1994 Z28, it is a 94k all original car. LT1 with T56 trans, but it is a T-Top car, that's not the end of the world, just means I would need a donor roof for this chassis. It looks fairly decent but runs rough, hopefully, I was given reliable information and it is stale gas and fouled plugs. It smells like it has bad gas (insert fart joke here). I would love to find a 98+ Firebird body/chassis to stuff this drive train into. I love the Firebird body and honestly would rather do that this time then a Camaro. This car has a few odd and end things that need work, some of the interior needs some tlc (it has Red seats to match the paint). It looks fairly clean underneath except for the typical oil/grime around the bottom of the engine bay. The best thing about this deal was... I have a sponsor, who generally watches from the sidelines, that came through and "helped" me purchase this car. This morning I got tag and insurance for it, since I don't have anything to work with (tools and what not) I figured I'd drive it around for a while.
  8. That's true, when I turned 16 back in 2000, my first real car was a 00 Camaro and it had silver mirrors...
  9. Well, my RX7 started out as a red car...
  10. I have never locked my phone, so that's not a problem... I'm using a Android too. Did the same thing, even back in the flip phone days...
  11. I get a lot of natural light in my shop....
  12. You could have went ahead and ordered 4 and decided they sucked and gifted them to your Georgia car-less teammates...
  13. I have always had a contact in my phone listed as ICE - In Case of Emergency
  14. It's not 15 laps if you follow..... 4.6. PLATFORM SWAP 4.6.1. As an alternative to an engine swap, teams may qualify for a platform swap. A platform swap is defined as replacing the original components with all the components from the same chassis family (i.e. – 318 to 325 BMW engine swaps or 2.8L to 5.7L Chevy Camaro). To qualify as a platform swap, all of the differing vehicle components must be swapped to match the new platform. This includes engine, transmission, differential, suspension, fuel tank, etc. The VPI of the car will now be based on the car and engine combination as presented to tech, regardless of what engine may have been installed originally. No swap-surcharges shall be applied to platform swaps.