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  1. https://www.autosport.com/f1/news/133167/fia-returns-manor-2017-f1-entry-fee
  2. Disabling Traction Control

    Yeah I'd pull the fuse or disable the wheel sensors if I didn't want to remove the whole system (and weight) entirely. BTW are you sure you guys don't want MORE traction control?
  3. 2018 Schedule

    And something in the legal bylaws prevents either party from picking up the phone and having a friendly chat in Sept-Oct range? Attempting coordination hurt's neither hand helps both.
  4. 2018 Schedule

    Maybe that's something <insert BOD candidate name> can help with?
  5. 2018 Schedule?

    https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=To Be Announced
  6. 2018 Schedule?

    2018 Sched
  7. Almost too nice to chump... https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1995-bmw-m3-42/
  8. Nigel Mansel waving to the crowd on the last lap in Canada and hitting the kill switch should be in there too.
  9. https://www.proxibid.com/aspr/Liquid-Asset-Partners/4305/AuctionsByCompany.asp?ahid=4305
  10. Mitsubishi will likely thank you if you don't do it.
  11. A bunch of us are running in iracing over the fall/winter, this year it's GT3 Porsche's Wed nights. 2 20 minute heats Q1 starts at 7:30PM (practice open earlier). We are happy to announce the Regulars Porsche Cup series which will use the Porsche 911 GT3 Cup (991). This 8 week series will run on Wednesdays nights at the usual times (the same 2 race per night format as used the last few seasons), starting on Oct 25 and running until Dec 13 (schedule below). We are having a fun run (non points event) at the Charlotte Road Course next Wednesday Oct 18th, to give everyone a chance to try out the car (and for a few of us to shake off the cobwebs).Looking forward to racing with you again. http://members.iracing.com/membersite/member/LeagueView.do?league=177 Fun run 2017-10-18 Charlotte Road Afternoon1 2017-10-25 Spa GP Pits Late Afternoon2 2017-11-01 Watkins Glen Boot Morning3 2017-11-08 Interlagos GP Morning4 2017-11-15 Monza GP Morning5 2017-11-22 Suzuka GP Late Afternoon6 2017-11-29 Okayama Full Late Afternoon7 2017-12-06 Road Atlanta Full Afternoon8 2017-12-13 Nurburgring Industriefahrten Afternoon
  12. Mini Cooper for Chump

    What about the last of the RWD Volvos? Run it stock 'til you've got it sorted then drop a small block V8 in it. Massive OEM fuel tank should get you more than 2 hours and tank like construction won't bend as easily
  13. Mini Cooper for Chump

    They run pretty well in Continental series, not sure how far they are from street and BOP needed to make them competitive there though. Supercharger should be less heat affected than a turbo... I've heard parts are pricey though.
  14. There's a school of thought that says actively campaigning for an elected position should automatically disqualify said individual.
  15. Some people have greatness thrust upon them