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  1. The only thing I have ever felt like that was on brand new tires right after taking off the old bald tires. I believe the term is tread squirm.
  2. Easy, all the ones I can't afford.
  3. Disabling Traction Control

    The best part is that you can usually leave it in the car in case you want it in the rain. In the event that it starts acting up on track, you can just put your left foot down right in front of the seat and pull the wires out. Takes a few tries if you aren't sure where it is exactly, but sure beats coming into the pits.
  4. Disabling Traction Control

    BTW, if you look around, there is a write up on adding a 8.8 LSD carrier into the factory 8" diff.
  5. Disabling Traction Control

    Awesome. My wife had a 500 with that engine (10% less power) and it sounded so good completely stock. I dream of putting that engine and transmission in a Miata some day.
  6. Disabling Traction Control

    Does the car have a yaw sensor? I know in some BMWs that is how you can disable the TCS and stability control. I assume you want to keep the ABS, so I guess disconnecting the wheelspeed sensors would be out of the question. Are you guys building an LS? 3.0 or 3.9?
  7. My dad lives in Bowling Green, and I have PMed the OP. I'm trying to get my dad in contact with this guy (and finish these cars so they can race), but I haven't heard anything back.
  8. Why don't we just raise the TW limit to 300? That will put a stop to those short life, high grip "180TW" tires.
  9. E36 racer fs on BAT

    Definitely would be an EC car.
  10. I asked my wife if we could go to Oregon for our anniversary next year. She immediately asked what race was there...and then said no.
  11. @garyforbes, I sent you a private message.
  12. OK what happened to your chump car today ?

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Skid_block To your point, I agree that an effort should be made to minimize the use of flammable materials in a race car, especially in the cockpit.
  13. I'm sure it is something much safer, like depleted uranium.