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  1. Barber iRacing Practice

    Didn't make it to the race but i had an awesome time in practice. John H, Thomas R, Andrew C and myself had about 45 minutes of battling back and forth. Best iracing session i have ever had.
  2. Barber iRacing Practice

    Im early!
  3. Barber iRacing Practice

    How do I sign up for this? 3PM best coast time?
  4. Experienced driver looking for seat to Oregon Raceway Park in September. RWD preferred. Can wrench, wheel, and drink. References, video, and pervious experience can be found in website linked in my signature.
  5. Disabling Traction Control

    Just so you guys know. It is possible for the ABS controls to get confused by such modifications and bleed off any pressure created by the driver before it gets to the calipers. Just be sure you understand what you are doing before you do it. I think your safest and most likely to work mod is to disconnect the yaw/accelerometer sensor. It could reduce some ABS functionality (like mu detection)
  6. Well I will be race casting from Miata PI. Pomona Speed shop will you be?
  7. JDM Engine Swap Legality

    I built one already and now I race. Sometimes I even protest cars (aka helping in enforcing rules).
  8. Has anyone else noticed that there was no coverage of this race from Chumpcar on Facebook or the live feed? I guess I am bitter that I bought a bunch of equipment and streamed 10 gigs of racecast for nothing. I'm also sad that car count is down in the West and Chump is missing opportunities like The Vegas race to get some easy PR
  9. JDM Engine Swap Legality

    Whoa. @Bandit is this true?
  10. Damnit! I thought it said 2018
  11. Looks like the wiki schedule is more complete https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/ChumpCar As of right meow was last edited by wstrongjr
  12. DAMN YOU JJ! One dumb baby ruins it for everyone! This is such a bummer. Makes the Vegas course totally worthless and unexciting. It's actually good for the Miata but frack it's not as fun. I hope we don't come back if this is the layout. Maybe this is why there is only 21 cars
  13. Yeah I'm terrible at spelling. #embarrassing
  14. I haven't seen @swolfe do wheel to wheel racing but I can vogue for his car control skills and knowledge in vehicle dynamics.