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  1. Buy a used machine, think of it the same way as renting vs buying a xponder, it will pay for itself. Low profile, stiff sidewall tires are much more a challenge then you will want to do by hand!
  2. The infiniti you raced against in 10 is still going(now swapped/developed) needs a driver...
  3. Pimping the Shark Sebring 12/29

    Feel free to text 561-252-3933
  4. Petition for Wheel Bearing Grease

    The derbies were all stock-based, when serious guys started coming with cars bearing no resemblance to the rulebook was when I quit being serious...like my version of chump car...I start with something that runs, strip it down for weight and flammables, tie the factory wiring up safely, add Welds to the letter of rules and went out to play.
  5. OK what happened to your chump car today ?

    Finally got into the transmission
  6. Petition for Wheel Bearing Grease

    You actually have something there, one of the dozens of little things done to win the 12' State demolition derby championship Crisco on tire sidewall in hopes that somebody will slip off the tire rather than puncture :-)
  7. Disabling Traction Control

    Another reason I am scared by those that suggest "re-wiring" This is what happens when the ABS has been confused by messing with parameters (we experimented with a steeper gear on driveshaft sensor 3 channel abs, never again!)
  8. Disabling Traction Control

    Yikes, this makes my head spin, not because I am one of those safety/forum Nazis but because I am a daily tech and can not guess the strategy the abs will employ... be careful and let us know what it does (remember, things may seem normal until driven in anger)
  9. Disabling Traction Control

    Love the Yaw sensor hack idea! Or This is how I Swapped motors using factory ECUs (Trans computer is separate & on other side of car) https://www.ebay.com/itm/2001-FORD-Lincoln-LS-Service-Shop-Repair-Manual-Set-W-EWD-Specs-LOTS-Factory/352175586122?hash=item51ff4cfb4a:g:ZWgAAOSwreVZzzBg&vxp=mtr or https://www.ebay.com/itm/2001-Ford-Lincoln-Mercury-OEM-Factory-Service-Repair-Manual-ON-DVD/272562332454?fits=Year%3A2001|Make%3ALincoln|Model%3ALS&hash=item3f75fb2326:g:TugAAOSw4A5Yqfvn&vxp=mtr
  10. Inspection hole, main hoop

    They made ours on the passenger b pillar midway down...bring a battery drill to tech, do it right there?
  11. What are your failures?

    Thanks, going to borrow this.
  12. While I'm not a fan of the all capitals, this guy is not tech/forum savvy and has been advertising/ trying to garner interest in fixing these cars for a while, not hard to research, is private messaging a non-viable option? P.S. while not the same owner, and not recently, we have raced against these cars .. doesn't look like a bad deal but I'm sure they will need updating .
  13. Pimping the Shark Sebring 12/29

    Break that spare piggy bank open