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  1. Best (Safest) Garage Heaters

    I have almost a dozen medium size commercial, hang in the corner electric units here I bought @ auction with a mind to sell, only issue is 3 phase...
  2. Ah poop that was hot, was hoping to bum some seat time in Barney Emotionally, "I get it", 12 years ago I had a dryer fire, timer set in on position but unused for 3 days (door open) rented house, rented dryer, no renter insurance....lost everything except the dogs, gone were cloths, keepsakes, stashed cash, even the security deposit, almost lost the tow truck and trailer, to this day both are marked from that night. I was @ the neighbors barbecue... Focus on all that you did not loose, for me, the opposite, next day had to stare @ my messy shop and think "this is everything". Shopping was therapeutic and straight forward, pillow, razor etc. People will chip in with extra hands to sort/salvage the mess and good deals will come your way.
  3. Rule 7.2.2

    My curiosity extends to wondering why the Miata did not step off track to avoid. As for this, already answered but Being a race rather then track day, there is absolutely no time to await passing permissions, a month ago I asked how fair this was, everyone answered "just fine" Have your teammate look up some vids of KSR
  4. With the new subscription-based system I'm afraid a a.m. radio test may be invalid as your transponder will be transmitting regardless of subscription service, receiver hardware can see it but scoring software will disregard if the bill is over due .
  5. SMG E46 325i or 330i

    Disagree about the case by case as someone will come by and "fix" the system to work properly then gain from not having a torque convertor slushbox automatic.
  6. Rebuild or heck NO?

    Infiniti engines are so close it's hardly worthwhile chasing 3% error the factory missed, not to mention, contamination of working with the minute stuff would be worse than taking what is offered .
  7. Rebuild or heck NO?

    We are not talking about 50 yr old American engine tech, do not expect to find many mistakes/casting mismatch/roughness.
  8. SMG E46 325i or 330i

    Thank You @red0
  9. SMG E46 325i or 330i

    If I have to write the petition myself I will just to clarify original intent.
  10. What are your failures?

  11. #229 Andy Turner Motorsports E30

    I was looking for the wrong car LOL
  12. A Safer Refueling System?

  13. A Safer Refueling System?

    As a team that uses a funnel, like any random fuel method, it's all about knowing what the heck you are doing, ask the outgoing driver about the current fuel level and decide how many jugs get "free dumped" vs being careful/having a finishing jug that fuels slower without using the funnel. All a "safer" fuel rig will supply is a huge quantity of fuel if/when there is a miscalculation or a mishap. Oh I would rather spend that 1k fuel rig opening price on tires, brakes and actual fuel, not every team has deep pockets, everyone, lets try to keep the spending creep as slow/gradual as possible, ChumpCar started as fun for the little guy!
  14. What are your failures?

    Things that have directly contributed to a DNF: Trans failure a few times Oil pump/engine once Things that have taken us down for a couple hours: Alternator exciter wire Caliper froze up once after ignoring scheduled maintenance one race too many Home built caliper bracket failed once Factory header broke once Weak fuel pump, still worked but slowed us down possibly contributing to broken header later in race. There seems to be 2 distinct groups forming, as everyone knows, we do not open used engines, not even for a head gasket, at this juncture of 35 ish races we have lost ONE engine and it would have happened to a rebuild as well, oil pump check valve briefly stuck open...Saying that, quality gaskets/seals and a tuneup along with addressing any factory deficiencies (timing chain guides for infiniti) Ask Lead Sled about their used engine, they had great luck with a untouched 250,000 + mile 5.7. One simply has to follow whatever personal mantra has previously worked the best. Hose clamps? We still have 25% of those crap factory 2 wire types and at least one factory original radiator hose from 1995 as well as all wheel hubs from 1995 (OK the fronts have been changed once or twice but they came from the junk yard) again, know your cars weak/strong points and correct/schedule appropriately. Japan/USA used > China new as long as each item is frequently inspected and deemed worthy.