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  1. Sleep well JD the new name is chumpcar, wait what how come every time I wright chumpcar it comes out chumpcar man this is sick chumpcar chumpcar chumpcar doesn't work every time . Must be something wrong with the forum , well duh .
  2. Hey dad what's the cost per light ?
  3. Hey scottyk there are no more regions in chumpcar it's a national club same rules and all the races will be run the same way . We will have a point system and national champion . Still there are other reasons to vote for Tyler , he is a good choice , yup he and I would work well together . Come on T name that beer .
  4. I met Vince serveral years ago at a NASA autocross we talked some chump stuff then again at VIR with the VA tech team . Quit an extraordinary young man I have only the best wishes for his success .
  5. You mean to tell me theez guys are kidding . I've been researching grease testers all day fer nuttin
  6. Man I just looked at the date whew was about to post what's with the $$ values. . Rhett my new bestest bud private message me we need to talk .
  7. Ed you are the man the auto trans is vodo to me ill dive into anything but an automatic
  8. Will it PASS Tech?

    Contact Mike Ogren ,flyinglizard on here , he can more than likely get you in touch with who would know ..
  9. Will it PASS Tech?

    The white car behind the Z is a sunbeam tiger that is owned by a guy named Tom .. Not to be confused with Tiger Tom , a whole different racing story ..
  10. Will it PASS Tech?

    As a fellow Z racer and owner Thanks for choosing chump . I think the tube snout will cost you points if it's even allowed you should contact head tech Phil , Mopar 63 on here , I do rember when using old racecars was encouraged but if you are successful the tube chassis will be called out run mid pack probably not .. is the rear of the car tube frame ? If not take the brown turd ft clip and put it on the racer Z problem solved ...
  11. As I responded to a private message I thought everyone should know , I have been doing this chump thing a wyle now . In Dec I have signed up to work VIR it will be the 21st race I have worked I have driven in 16 events . Wish it was the other way around but it does mean I've been involved in running the show and know both sides of what it takes to make this machine ,club, go round . See yall at VIR ..
  12. There is this kit thingy you just dip the slip and it test the grip if it's too slick they slide you over to EC I mean it ain't like checkin fuel ,you know ..
  13. Exit polls numbers are lookin good for me .. should ramp up even more as my fan base returnes from European vacations towards the end of the month
  14. okkustom = Ray Franck #3067 All The Way With OK Ray Vote Ray he sees it your way .