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  1. Brainerd

    We will be there in our #56 red/white RX-7 and I would definitely be interested in buying pictures.
  2. Question About Ignition Controller

    Phil has decreed. It falls under the 'Non-OE Ignition System' category, so 20 points.
  3. Question About Ignition Controller

    Phil has been emailed.
  4. Question About Ignition Controller

    I was leaning towards classifying it as a non-OE ignition system since it doesn't replace the stock coil. At the same time, it's not really a non-OE ignition system either in the sense that it doesn't holistically replace stock ignition components.
  5. I am running a MSD Digital 6A ignition control on my 1987 Mazda RX-7. It is connected to the stock leading coil and boosts the power through the stock coil to the two leading spark plugs. The trailing coil is completely stock. Should this part be considered a ‘Distributor, non-OE, or aftermarket ignition system’ or ‘Ignition coil(s), aftermarket’ for purposes of value-add disclosure on the tech sheet?
  6. Brainerd

    July 15-16
  7. Brainerd

    So I guess everybody is going to California instead of Minnesota in July? There are currently 5 teams registered for this event and it's less than 90 days away. Come on people! It's looking like this will be the only race my team can make this year due to scheduling and life. I don't want to see it cancelled.
  8. Vegas 2017 - October or December?

    So, what's going on with the Vegas race at the end of the year? The PDF schedule says December 30-31, but the HTML schedule says October 21-22. Apologies if I've missed an announcement somewhere.
  9. Hastings May 2015

    We had a blast (#56 RX-7, SoDak PetrolHeads). Our goal was just to finish the full 18 hours, but getting a class win on top of that was awesome. To come out and do as well as we did really makes all the hard work worth it. The racing was excellent, most everybody seemed to be aware of their surroundings. My drivers and I have very little experience (coming into this race we all had less than 10 hours track time each), so if we made a mistake or did something you didn't like I assure you it was solely due to inexperience and not malice. We're learning as fast as we can and are looking forward to the next race! Hastings was a fun track and I have met very few people as gracious of a host as George.
  10. Hastings May 15-16th Who's racing?

    We'll be there with our '87 RX-7. Third race for our team/car...I think maybe we're finally somewhere near properly prepared. Never raced here but sounds like it should be fun.
  11. OK what happened to your chump car today ?

    Removed the front bumper. >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yNeHykdxqok
  12. Roll Cage question - legality

    I would imagine you could contact your regional tech director.
  13. Roll Cage question - legality

    Our car (FC RX-7) has passed tech with a cage like that for the past two years. I've given some thought to changing it like has been described above, since some other series won't allow a design like this, and I've heard several people say it's a weak design. How much weaker it is I don't know as I am not a mechanical/structural engineer, and it could vary by car.
  14. I'm starting a website for "crap can" racers (Chump, LeMons, WRL, etc.) and I'm looking for some high quality pictures of cars on the track or in the pit area. I live in the middle of nowhere (South Dakota) and won't be getting to another race until April, so I can't take my own until then. I will make sure you get proper credit, and I'll pay a reasonable stock photo use fee. Please PM me if you're interested.