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  1. He's running with us. Make sure you stop by pit 3 and say hi
  2. a self-trolling board of directors would be interesting
  3. they have like what, 50HP, 20tq more than a 325i ? that's not nothing.
  4. My team sat out 3 hours at Thompson because we didn't have the correct spare guibo when our one exploded. It's all about staying in the race.
  5. If you compare power to weight and other factors like both being RWD, it should be higher than E36 IMHO. not a lot, but like 520
  6. highlight my whole post with your mouse
  7. Any group of 4 people who can build a reliable car and drive it well can be top 20 first race, top 10 second. Easier said that done. The thing most people overlook, is that races are more often lost than they are won in chumpcar.
  8. hauler / sleeper / bus

    that's pretty cool. I wonder what kind of MPGs that gets
  9. Daytona 2018...

    it's on my wish list... but car has to do amazing at pitt and I need renters who will pay enough to make it worth it.
  10. WOW, I can't believe the lowered the E36 value to 375 points for 2018 J/K
  11. it all depends on the person. humble noobs stay out of the way and front runners leave them alone. aggressive ones go for the glory and end with the bill.
  12. now I'm curious... if it's not just about cake, what else is it about?
  13. Racecast, ChumpCast, and Youtube

    yeah, that's what I use. It comes with a rubber band thing that holds the phone so it's not going anywhere. use it for race, but take it off for street use.
  14. we have an incar we are still testing Bill. hopefully should be good for the race.