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  1. I have a friend that owns a 1966 Shelby Mustang GT350. Numbers matching, original everything - paint, interior,..... The factory original windshield rubber has a small crack on the driver's side, lower corner - he was told NOT to replace it because it would devalue the car. He has a book on Fords and when you get to the page for the 1966 Ford Mustang GT350, his car is on the page including the California License Plate {which he has}. He has been offered 150,000.00 and turned it down.
  2. I remember watching some in car camera action during the Sonoma race in February where it rained a lot. There was a Datsun 240/260/280Z {one of those} that ran and whatever system they used worked REAL well. Sorry I don't remember the car number.
  3. What if your main source of spending is driving??
  4. Where's the Official Sebring thread?

    Go to Chumpcar Events Schedule. https://www.chumpcar.com/events.php Scroll down to Sebring Click on "Entrant List"
  5. Fueling Helmets

    Rule 8.2.3 "During.............. Non-driving crew members may wear an out-of-date Snell SA helmet for pit duties. Crew members with out-of-date helmets shall mark both sides of their helmet with the words “FUEL ONLY” in 1.5”, high-contrast and easily identifiable letters."
  6. Another Source; http://www.projectorretrofit.com/
  7. I spoke to a friend who is a Service Manager at a Ford Dealer. He said they are seeing very few problems with the drive trains and as was stated above, the issues relate to the personal accessories. He did say that there have been improvements to those connectivity systems and that a 2017 is a lot better than the 2015.
  8. Sunday's race. I was watching the Race Monitor and Spartan's in-car camera. Premium Dudes passed Spartan to get back on the lead lap with about an hour to go. They were chipping away at the interval, a few seconds a lap. The driver of Spartan did an awesome job holding off the charging Premium Dudes driver. There were lots of laps where the difference was less than a second or they matched. It was very exciting to watch. Alas, with about ten minutes to go, Spartan ran out of fuel {you could hear the fuel pump thumping on the in-car feed}.
  9. Pre-Paid US Daily Data Plan

    Thanks for posting this. I have used Roam Mobile at other tracks but not at Watkins Glen.
  10. Pre-Paid US Daily Data Plan

    I picked up my Roam SIM locally {Vancouver area}. Activated it online. I have used Roam at VIR, Road America, Portland, Charlotte, and other tracks. I checked the coverage map, Watkins Glen should be Ok. It is fine for live timing and internet access. I don't think it would work for live streaming as there is not enough data per day.
  11. The city of Trier is 88 kilometers {55 miles} South of Nurburgring. {1/2 an hour by Autobahn speeds} There is a section of the Porta Nigra {Towering stone Roman gate} that survived from the time of the Roman Empire. As well, the oldest Christian church in Europe is a short walk from the gate.
  12. The Eclipse at COTA was a swapped car. I believe it was a Nissan V6 engine.
  13. I believe one of the wheels broke. {Heard something mentioned during Chumpcar Live wrapup}
  14. I think it was a blown head gasket. Was down to 5 cylinders. Parked it.
  15. Harnesses again!

    What about these: HRX FIA Camlock Belts that are Made in Italy. They are dated thru 2022 which give you almost 6 full years of use. They are pull-up laps, clip-in ends and come in Black, Red or Blue. https://www.teamdi.com/product/hrx-fia-harness/ I have no experience using these but thought it was worth a look.