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  1. Will it PASS Tech?

    Tom Patton is his name. I raced against him many times years ago. Looking forward to seeing the Z car running. I had the pleasure of driving the Newman Sharp Z for a few laps back in the glory days of scca nationals.
  2. Will it PASS Tech?

    Lee Feineigle Never came prepared to race.
  3. I have been in Chump since 2013. Did Chump ever allow open face helmets before that?
  4. No it's not. Spend what you want or not and go have fun but don't bitch about someone else spending more.
  5. Don 't overlook Mike Coleman and the others who don't come to the forum and get suck into the Drama.
  6. What's next Mike on your agenda, you going to start requesting that everyone tows with a beater van and open trailer ? Bottom line someone will always spend more on whatever in racing than the next guy.
  7. It appears to me someone took the bait.
  8. The more they comment, the less interested I become in them.
  9. Take a look at Mike Coleman. He would be a good choice. Take a look at Mike Coleman. He would be a good choice. Take a look at Mike Coleman. He would be a good choice.
  10. HANS or similar needed

    The unit I had sells for $360 - $399. . It's not the same unit you think it is. Sold for $225 used 3 times and would never know it. But I guess some want that new car smell and pay list price.
  11. A 1.8 JDM , heads up driving and smart pit work will put you in the ball park. Keep it simple.
  12. Not much to worry about, it appears as though he is not on the ballot.
  13. Tire temps vs Tire wear advice?

    Lower air pressure for starters. What track is this ? That makes a difference in set up
  14. Washed up pro drivers

    You guys are getting too serious.
  15. You tall guys must have Alligator arms.