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  1. As of now it may not be written but they are valuing diffusers at 10 points. 10 points for a splitter, 10 points for a belly pan, 10 points for a diffuser, and 10 points for a wing = ChumpCar 2018 Aero Wars…
  2. 20 points is pretty harsh just for lowering blocks. Maybe you could make some out of square tubing and claim materials. Glad that on my live axle car one upper link is better than two. When I was thinking about doing a truck a coil over 3 link was part of the plan...
  3. If you don't have the ceiling height those lights are terrible, I only have about a 7ft ceiling in my basement I ordered some of those and they were terrible. They are very bright but only lights up about a 10ft circle in my shop.
  4. Individual Throttle Bodies

    With ITB’s speed density probably isn’t a great choice either, most people use alpha n. MS has an ITB mode that used alpha n up to a predetermined throttle opening then transitions to speed density, I have never used it but the people who have used seem to agree that it is much better than either mode by itself.
  5. A control arm is a component, doesn't really matter how many pieces it takes to make up that component it should still only be 10 points. The whole issue of spherical rod ends had never been very will regulated in Chump, the original rules specifically called out spherical tie rod ends, and even though that is a very specific component some took it to include any use of a spherical rod end. 2018 rules just say Heim joints 5 points, but that still isn’t clear since a non OE suspension component can have multiple Heim joints in it. Also people use them for things that would hardly be considered performance enhancing, are you supposed to pay 5 points if you use one to support your steering column? Mount your window net? Since I can’t get replacement plastic bushings for my windshield wiper linkage I made a replacement part with aluminum tubing and 2 small rod ends, am I supposed to pay 10 points for my windshield wiper linkage? On my car a claim 10 points for the 3rd link and 10 points for the panhard, each of those components includes a rod end at each end but I don't know anybody who would say I should double the points claimed for the components.
  6. 2 words for AMP sound enforcement , rotary profiling, been there done that
  7. Simple Enforcement for Fuel

    Yep years ago running DSR at Road Atlanta, where the Atlanta area has had oxygenated fuel for a long time, we had to use race fuel to pass the fuel meter test even though the 1000cc motorcycle engine in the car was perfectly happy to run on pump premium. It was sprint racing so it didn't really make any difference in a racing weekend but endurance racing is a whole different thing.
  8. PSS vs 'typical chumpcar tire'

    One of my drivers ran One Lap this year and used PSS, he was really wishing that he had his RE-71’s back on the car during the track sessions.
  9. You just include some 0 point wheel spacers, the fact that you can bolt rotors onto your new wheel spacer is totally irrelevant
  10. I expected there to be speed creep this year, and a handful of cars were able to run in the 1:34 range, and even a few 33's but 1 freaking 28... That is scary
  11. 1987 RX7 with GM LA1 V6 swap build...

    The line going to the front is just a pass through it doesn't do anything, it was just a way for mazda to package the lines. The one going to the rear has the proportioning valve in it.
  12. Oh man with you hadn’t posted this, I am going to be in Gainesville tomorrow…
  13. So if the swap calculator was working correctly the starting value for this swap would be 896 points, before any chassis work which these cars desperately need. Would be a really fun EC car, hopefully someone will buy it and bring it east to race, you could be the second fastest first gen in the region
  14. Best (Safest) Garage Heaters

    I use the oil filled electric radiators, but it doesn't get quite as cold here in NC