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      BOD Nominations   10/03/2017

      Emails have been sent to all current CCWS Members with a link to BOD nominations. Please check your email.   You will need to ask the person you're nominating for their current 2017 CCWS Member Number. Keep in mind that we will contact each nominee to make sure they are OK with being a candidate. You can't nominate yourself either (sorry). All nominations are due by November 3, 2017. To keep from having 574 different nominees, a nominee must be named by at least five members to qualify. We will compile all the nominations and put the top ten nominees on the November 10, 2017, ballot. Elections are over on December 10, 2017. We will announce the winners on December 13, 2017, and the two winners will take office January 1, 2018. How to get your current CCWS member number. Log into the CCWS event registration system. Your member number will be next to your name on the welcome screen. https://www.chumpcar.com/register/login.php Mike Chisek
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  1. Um.... maybe someone could email Mike Chisek and ask which course and direction? Just a thought.... And then maybe you all could hit him or Bruce Mills for promotional material that you could hand out to your other racer friends so that we have more cars next year?
  2. Any teams affected by the fires in Northern California? Note: There is a fire near the Sonoma Raceway and if the fire map is accurate, the track should be ok. The fire is 70% contained at this time.
  3. 2018 Schedule

    I believe that name is now Utah Motosports Campus (?)
  4. No I do not. Try emailing Mr. Chisek. It's my solution for just about everything ChumpCar.
  5. I would recommend that you put together a little resume about yourself - much like the other candidates have - since others have asked you to run for the BOD, why do they think you'd be a good candidate (versus any of these other yahoos )? You gotta play the game, sistah, but bring your own style to it.
  6. 2018 Schedule

  7. 2018 Schedule

    Yup they are fun. The left onto the inside road course from the Oval at Las Vegas as caused many a moment. Especially when you drive it in the dark.
  8. Fontucky 2018 (Auto Club)

    I have informed my team of this new revelation....
  9. Great! What do you think is best for ChumpCar?
  10. Thank you, but no thank you. There are plenty of fine candidates to choose from. It's the RX-7 thing, isn't it?
  11. There you go with those assumption ideers. I, for one, am not conferring with my team members on who to nominate. And I may not end up voting for any of the people I did nominate because it's pretty clear there are other interested parties with the requisite 5 votes for nominations who have not made their platform known at least on the forum. Candidate statements will be key to my vote. For what that's worth: 1. A marketing plan to increase car counts in the West. ("We will increase CC membership and participation in the West by.....") 2. Keep it affordable. 3. Keep the rules stable. 4. Open the kimono - log books visible (there's a big difference between knowin' and executin') 5. Keep it safe.
  12. Troy Truglio for Bod

    Thank you for putting your hand up.
  13. I was expecting to be able to nominate two people as well. I also expect to vote for two people for the board when the election happens. ::cough:: @chisek Not sure I agree, but I do agree we should have been able to nominate two people. But why should a small number of people, nominating numerous times be considered *fair*? You are in essence stuffing the nominating box as it were. One member, one vote or nomination. As noted above, I do expect to be able to vote for two nominees for the board. Remember.... the forum is about 10% (or less) of the ChumpCar membership. It's not *fair* to begin with. Also, it could be that the silent majority may surprise us all. As opinionated and distracting as the forum is, at least I know who is engaged. This is the first time we've done this so I'm sure all the input is being considered.