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      BOD Nominations   10/03/2017

      Emails have been sent to all current CCWS Members with a link to BOD nominations. Please check your email.   You will need to ask the person you're nominating for their current 2017 CCWS Member Number. Keep in mind that we will contact each nominee to make sure they are OK with being a candidate. You can't nominate yourself either (sorry). All nominations are due by November 3, 2017. To keep from having 574 different nominees, a nominee must be named by at least five members to qualify. We will compile all the nominations and put the top ten nominees on the November 10, 2017, ballot. Elections are over on December 10, 2017. We will announce the winners on December 13, 2017, and the two winners will take office January 1, 2018. How to get your current CCWS member number. Log into the CCWS event registration system. Your member number will be next to your name on the welcome screen. https://www.chumpcar.com/register/login.php Mike Chisek
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  1. Road America fall race

    In Chicago, on plane for Milwaukee. Then have to find the track. Remember, mic in your face, thank mom, wife, boy/girlfriend/life partner / ex-wife, sponsors (read the car!), And let the world know how much you love trading Paint in chumpcar!
  2. 2018 Events are now open for registration

    Easy to print schedule ChumpCar 2018 Schedule.pdf
  3. 2018 Schedule

    I have to figure out the code. It's pretty complicated.
  4. 2018 Schedule

    I helped develop this website and we will be using a lot of the templates that made it. https://goo.gl/QiQJ53
  5. the red track above is the correct track with the correct direction. If you have in-car cameras, please give paulie and I the links so that we can use it for our updates. Bill
  6. 2018 Schedule

    we will have a totally new website for 2018, so yes, 2019 will be like 2018, which will not be like 2017.
  7. 2018 Schedule

    That is a dynamically made webpage that I do not have access to. well, I have access to it. But not to change the format. I'll talk to rob and see if anything can be done.
  8. The 2018 event registration has been open for a few days. Some events late in the year are awaiting final track confirmation, but once we get it, they will go live. Don't forget, some events will sell out fast as they do have limits on the number of cars per mile. And don't forget the Summer of 24s!
  9. Mike is in Vegas on vacation. I have messaged him asking what track. I am 99.9999% certain it is the outer course config that is posted up above, using the clockwise travel route.
  10. JDM Engine Swap Legality

    the engines were essentially the same. The HP difference was the ECU due to the USA requiring cleaner-running compromised engines whereas the rest of the world did not care about clear skies and clean rivers. Oh, how times have changed.
  11. https://www.amazon.com/Blueskysea-Wireless-Real-time-Pressure-Monitoring/dp/B074M3CDM8/ref=sr_1_14?s=automotive&ie=UTF8&qid=1508356903&sr=1-14&keywords=electronic+tire+pressure+sensor
  12. The supplementals were updated with more information. Please re-download. The original post has been updated. https://chumpcar.com/register/supplementalrules/332.pdf
  13. I use both. it is funny. Each phone has its own issues. so I use what works on that phone best. I do have both on each phone too.
  14. Road America Final email sent out with a small update... Just a couple of days until The Central Region Chumpionship presented by Frozen Rotors. Below are the pit assignments and the Chumpionship contenders. The rest is last weeks email, please read it carefully if you haven't done so. Click here for pit assignments. http://files.constantcontact.com/00477aab001/66ca4164-ae08-49a0-abf3-d0378a760a82.pdf See list below for Chumpionship Contenders. If you are not listed and are eligible for the Chumpionship. Please contact me. mikem@chumpcar.com Premium Dudes Blue Shells TRMotorsports Racing Dead Pedal Racing Dirty Side Down JSK Racing Racing with INTEGRAty British American Racing Pull My Finger Racing Alt Deutsche Autowerks Golden Lake Racing
  15. Pit stall assignments added to OP. man, I am going to be doing a lot of walking! Anyone have a Segway I can borrow?