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  1. Another race and another First Loser award. We will get the W one of these days. It was a pretty fun track and we never stopped except for fuel and driver as planned, everyone ran us clean and I hope I stayed out of the way when I was wheeling.
  2. I was in the car and got on the radio and told my guys to ride over on the scooter and explain how that could happen.
  3. As my parents would say when I was a kid "I'm not mad, but disappointed".
  4. As mom always said. "If the dog hadn't stopped to take a poop, he would have caught the rabbit". That's funny, I didn't say poop.
  5. If that is the track layout I'm really bummed. I don't care how many cars are going to show up, I want to run a full course. I can deal with the boredom.
  6. Pump fuel thoughts. ?

    Didn't read all the yammering but I'm pretty sure all race fuel has dye in it.
  7. I was trying to find some in car of this course and pickins are slim. Guess I just go out and wander around like usual.
  8. Camber is cambered, toe is towed, fluids are fresh. Guess it's time to load and wait.
  9. Too many people out there are worried about what other folks have instead of working on the shortcomings in their own life, or team for that matter.
  10. I was going to look into the setup for go pro but have been a slacker.
  11. Does anyone really ride around worrying about class position?