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  1. Simple Enforcement for Fuel

    While it may not solve the root of the problem, what is the hesitation to simply say "no race gas"? Seems in the general spirit off the series to me. What are the downsides of making that rule?
  2. Simple Enforcement for Fuel

    Its not really about them spending on the fuel, its about them spending on parts that cant be seen or enforced. A fuel rule is a fairly simple way to enforce or discourage hiding internal stuff that would necessitate race fuel. Seriously, if someone shows up running race fuel there are only a couple of different scenarios, the two main ones I can think of are: a) they are insane and stinking rich and b)) they are cheating. In both cases, Im not too fussed about offending them. I agree though, there haven't been many cars running race fuel have there? It may be a problem that doesn't exist.
  3. What radio helmet kit are you using?

    Massive difference from the M101 to S9 mic? (I assume the M101 is the one I would have bought in the "expert 5W package). Can you give more info on the difference?
  4. What are your failures?

    Don't go bringing science into this conversation, ok...
  5. What are your failures?

    Wait... what? Not enough O2? What is the difference between that and welding a gas tank that you need to purge it first?
  6. OK what happened to your chump car today ?

    Hahaha. I drive with one of those on my S4 Avant family mobile. I think it's hilarious. Some random guys at a track day I did recently also thought it was funny too when I would pass them with it in the back window. My wife HATES it!
  7. Almost definitely yes (Im not the boss, so can only give you a 99% confidence on this one!). Typically you have 10 minutes or so to get the driver out, collect radios, lap timers, gopros, water bottles and cool suit stuff. Then in the morning they will give a similar 10 mins to install the removed items (driver, gopro, etc) along with checking tire pressures, checking oil, washing windows, etc.
  8. Rebuild or heck NO?

    If you HAVE to go over the manufacturers spec, then you have to claim them. Pretty simple in my mind. But that's fine, you are just cherry picking from the stock engines that are listed within the single VPI listing (assuming all those models/engines fall under the same VPI listing). Kind of like apparently all E36s came with the winter package or whatever it is those Bimmer guys talk about. If you want to be using some 10:1 pistons from some 1991 other Mopar model, then they are not stock and need to be claimed.
  9. Rebuild or heck NO?

    Well yeah, I think so. The manufacturer would no longer consider that stock (and wouldn't have any bigger pistons available on the shelf). So besides defining what stock means in a general basis, Im not sure if there is any way to put that into words that doesn't create an 80+ page rule book.
  10. Rebuild or heck NO?

    If it is outside of the guidelines, then to me it is no longer stock...
  11. Rebuild or heck NO?

    See above, but really? Do you mean engine use as in a truck engine has different pistons than a car engine, turbo engine has different pistons than a NA engine, etc? What engine came in your car or vice versa, what engine are you claiming as a swap. What piston came in that engine? Seems pretty clear to me. My KL V6 Mazda engine can be had with higher compression pistons in the JDM version (i.e. a different engine use but came stock from the same company), jf Im not claiming the JDM engine can I use those?
  12. Rebuild or heck NO?

    What are you guys talking about? Are higher compression pistons a "stock" part? Do we need to define "stock"? If they are running but not declared, its pretty clear they aren't following the rules. 4.4.1. ALL non-stock components, parts, assemblies, or systems MUST be declared to Tech Inspection, noted in the vehicle Log Book, and declared and accounted for in the total points of the vehicle. 4.4.2. There is NO SUCH THING as a free part, every part of a vehicle has a value. Parts not covered elsewhere in the rules will be assigned a point value by ChumpCar Tech. Sorry for my possible ignorance, but do manufacturers not have limits to rebuild specs? I.e. 1-3 thousandths of an inch over or something like that?
  13. Honda brakes - good suggestions welcome!

    For what it's worth, whenever I have talked with Mark from frozen Rotors, he has always said to treat calipers as a "consumable" of sorts and replace yearly (obviously depending on number of races per year). We are able to turn in our calipers as cores to the local parts store and it only costs us like $30 per caliper (I think, can't remember exact value).
  14. Hear hear! Why do they make those walls so friggin high? Best you can do is see the very top of the roof or listen for the engine sound. Just raise the damn pit row by 2 feet and all would be good.