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  1. I understand we are all adults here, *BUT* do please try to keep it to PG or lower. Who knows -- we may get kiddie-winkies here one day. (And this from they guy who had bikers tell him to watch his language once.... )
  2. Indeed. I was attending one of the Rose Cup weekends; some poor blighter in an EP had an engine fire. Later, I was able to mention how quickly they'd gotten to it; I learned they had not even waited for the call to come down, but rolled as soon as they saw smoke. "Better to ask forgiveness...."
  3. I have met him. He is a living embodiment of the saying "it ain't the size of the dog in the fight; it's the size of the fight in the dog". Agreed that hydration is huge; and a regular physical would not be a bad idea. (And I'm 43.)
  4. Mr. Schrader "gets it". I was watching the ARCA season finale a week or so ago; Schrader's driver won the title. I found it hilarious watching the conflict between Schrader trying to stay out of the limelight, so the cameras and press would focus on the driver, and the driver trying desperately to get Schrader to stay in-frame.... Benson was much the same as Schrader. Waltrip -- well, insanity doesn't run in that family; it *gallops*. But it's an attitude I've tried to keep to, in general, and esp. around here: "Don't take this too seriously."
  5. I'm beginning to wonder if investing in a motel and gas station in Grass Valley might not be worth it....
  6. Why does the roof look like it came from Le Chateau du Triple Homicide?
  7. Fair enough -- never watched the show. (I grew up in the San Fernando Valley in the '80s -- I didn't *have* to watch it; I *LIVED* it....)
  8. Indeed. I especially enjoyed the way it seemed like a "pirate show" -- "an announcer and three drivers found a disused back room with some lights, cameras, and a desk, and decided 'let's see how long we can get away with running a TV show before someone notices'; they only have time to make one take, so any screwups get left in the show; guests are 'whoever was wandering around SPEED that day". Bonus points to any episode they had to film live. "Welcome to _Inside Winston Cup Racing_. We're live. I'm scared."
  9. English Oak -- ever tried getting that stuff to burn?
  10. Funny, that -- your pic looks like Butthead....
  11. I'll be honest: If I had my way, you *could* run what you're working on in Cup. I'm a big believer in "people use tech, not the other way around"; so if it's 50 years old, but it meets the rules, welcome aboard. (God knows, you're getting your money's worth from it. )
  12. I'm more like the canary in the coal mine -- if someone says something which offends *me*, chances are It Needs To be Edited. (That Moment When: Your peer group is talking about how "our standards are really low", or "we need to raise our standards"; and one realizes the standard in question is oneself. >;) )