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  1. Providers can now treat the internet like cable tv.
  2. How do we go about importing what we think is important? Will this be an easy task or will it be just a thread to cut and paste links? Thanks!
  3. Official - Change

    Hey Mike, I totally support what you are saying. I would suggest that you stop feeding the troll. Chumpcar was a play on the name anyway. Now it has been officialized. Cool, lets move on.
  4. Crap! There were a couple of good threads that had some good tech discussion that I wouldn't want to disappear. 1) The Aero thread... I think it was wings versus splitters 2) I obviously need to do something to maintain my build thread (all of the info is in the thread on what parts are where, etc...) 3) Any thread where Will makes a chart.... Any of my threads really.....
  5. Nobody. I was trying to make a wordy joke. I got dog with it and that pretty much makes my day.
  6. Not stirring the pot... I really didn't see those 2 on the board.... (because it's not been posted yet)... Haha!
  7. Thanks phil. I know we have argued in tech before, but you do a great job. Thanks! You have a thankless job. I know it.
  8. What names with a t? Troy and Tyler would be interesting!
  9. Not sure. The mr2 was taking a weird lime through the last couple of turns for a couple laps in a row.... the contact happened with the 300 almost touching the edge of the grass. The 300 obviously had overlap at that point. Where was he to go? I am of the opinion that it was the mr2s fault, but would settle for a racing incident. Not sure about the previous indiscretions, cause I didn't see them.
  10. Troy, the negativity was pointed towards the car. For my part, I will buy you a beverage of your choice at our next meeting. I may even buy you dinner if I can pick your brain for 20 minutes on how to make my car better! Cheers!
  11. I *think* that is the lemans paint scheme from back in the day. Look up le monster... it was an interesting year for cadillac.
  12. 1978 Chevy Monza

    I think weight closest to the middle is better than any balance number. Your weight balance will determine your suspension setup. 50 50 is what to shoot for, but don't worry if it is not. Cross weights should be equal.
  13. Some other organizations that are similar...ish to champcar literally do not recognize an overall winner. It is like 4 different races happening. They just are happening on the same track. There is literally no overall winner.