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  1. Good responses. Especially 3. Not a fan of limiting tire changes as that could create a safety issue. But I see where you're going with it. I guess I never considered size of crew as a cost creep issue because my crew is all volunteer and doing it for love of the sport not pay.
  2. Agree completely. Even though some of them don't feel the same as I do, the fact that they are engaged, listening and open to debate means in the long term I believe they care and will do the best for the series.
  3. 2018 Schedule

    somebody knows his audience.
  4. You see that, and I see that, but do new teams look at it that way? All about perception.
  5. Exactly. And I bet 99% of the time if I were to go look at the log book during the race, I'd see that they claimed it. But since I can't see the logbook, my mind goes into the realm of disbelief and then I start talking to other people and then the next thing you know, the forums are ablaze with complaints that Chump doesn't enforce their rules. All could be nipped at the start by allowing open books. (Again, with a fee to view them that goes to the after party.)
  6. All good points. It comes down to a matter of perception as that is what most people make their decisions based on when they don't have the level of experience many on the forums have and the perspective to be able to see that their VPI of 100 points less allows them to add in endurance and theoretically have the same speed car at the same final PV as the other "500" point cars. They just have the perception that they are being penalized and throw in the towel. Survivability of a car is critical and when a league calls itself endurance and then gives the perception that they are penalizing for endurance parts.....
  7. You're that Rainbow Unicorn guy aren't you. But very good point.
  8. Hmm, reasonable and racing seem to be at odds with 99% of the personalities I've met in this crazy sport. If anyone actually ever did a ton of research, do you think they'd actually join?
  9. OK, that kind of makes sense except now you get hit pretty hard with the swap right? My question is more related to the team that buys a car and realizes that their factory platform needs an accusump and radiator and oil cooler just to survive an 8 hour race. This goes back to the "we didn't pick your platform"/"You should have done a ton of research, spent a season walking around the pits and talking to teams rather than go with something that you really wanted to race" attitude of the former CNO. In other words, either get a new car, deal with having to spend a lot on parts for your existing car when you blow the motor, deal with penalties for something that just helps you finish a race, or quit.
  10. Agree. I've made the suggestion that log books be available during the race for a "Corner Worker donation or After Party Donation" of say $50 per book viewing. That would keep frivolous requests to see the log book down but would also allow me to look and see if that item I know they have was actually claimed. (Yup it was and I'm glad I could buy the corner workers a round.) And honestly, wouldn't most of us honest people freely tell another team what we did over beers and chips on Saturday night? How many of us actually try to hide things? Completely agree on the cams and heads point. Or anything else that makes the car have more horsepower, stop faster or handle better. I Just don't understand how a radiator or accusump is lumped in with that. (and please don't go down the rabbit hole of "Having an aluminum radiator helps you push the car harder and go faster." @wvumtnbkr's rebutal that having those free would free up points for other go fast bits is the closest thing that's made sense yet. Except for the fact that actual go fast bits like ECU penalties went down).
  11. Did you read his entire post? It seemed to me that his goal was to strengthen the series as a whole by making sure teams are able to finish the race. And by making sure there is a welcoming place for teams who have gone over the points been able to stay under points. All he did was answer the questions giving his personal preference. And that is the point of the initial thread. Determine what their personal preferences are. I think we are all mature enough to know that any one person wouldn't be able to do everything they say they want to do. But it lets us know in what way they are approaching things. Oh and his perspective does not give me a personal benefit. I long ago decided I'd be EC in Chump and don't even know what my PV is now. I'm responding based on my first 3 years experience in Chump prior to them chasing me away to Conference and what they could have done to avoid me making that decision.
  12. Yup, If I remember right, My ECu cost about half my inital cost of my car. $800 vs. $1500. But it increased my HP by about 10% if I remember right. I was seriously blown away when they made that change. Especially after all the preaching I had to listen to about how endurance bits actually were performance bits so they should be at a cost. Oh and just to edit for clarification, when I bought the ECU, My car was at 500 points even with Accusump and Oversized radiator. The things I've added that put me in EC were so I could race in Conference and compete.
  13. Exactly. We write the proposal and they vote on it. Which is why we want to know where they stand. Saying we shouldn't want to know where they stand on something because they aren't involved in day to day operations is a cop out.
  14. I could accept this logic if they didn't reduce points for things that actually make the car go faster. I'm sure this will piss some people off, but I was really scratching my head this year when they dropped the penalty for an aftermarket ECU. I'd be fine if they put the value back up for that and dumped the endurance parts penalty. (And yes, it would affect me. I run a MegaSquirt 2)
  15. I really like this idea. Good perspective. Q1 and Q2 are mostly focused on teams who are already racing with Chump. Most newbies don't know how to get faster right off the bat and are just trying to build a legal car. And they also are very rare who can engineer something into a brand new car in a brand new team. I actually had The CNO say that directly to me once. Big part of why the last year CC was in the NW I chose to race with Conference. Not sure who you are MR2, but I'd vote for you. At least I would if my membership hadn't lapsed. After the NW races were cancelled this year, I decided not to renew. I will be renewing next year though so I can race Sonoma. When is the vote for directors supposed to take place?