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  1. Daytona 2018...

    When thinking of Daytona, my mind can't seem to get around what it would be like breaking an axle at close to 150mph in a car that is 33 years old. Sure is fun being one of the fastest cars there though. For a change.
  2. Two Murican Cars at Barber!

    And ONE TRUCK! Ready to be humiliated by all y'all in those little cars. Pay ya back at Daytona.
  3. Sebring Sept 17 Pic & Vids

    Music to my ears! I can't imagine racing anything other than a V8!
  4. Sebring Sept 17 Pic & Vids

    Whatever. If I'm in that exact situation, I'll hold my line instead of trying to improve my corner entry especially on THAT turn at Sebring. I would also never do what the #935 did. In That section of the track. AND, If I were in the Miata...
  5. Sebring Sept 17 Pic & Vids

    He did have every right to "edge over" and I would have done the same thing. IF I had been watching my mirror and known there wasn't a possibility of getting wrecked by faster cars coming up on me. Glad to see your Camaro running so fast. We're gonna have some fun now, draft buddy!
  6. Sebring Sept 17 Pic & Vids

    Did. Still have the same opinion, and that's all it is. Orange/green car looks to be "edging" over to me.
  7. Sebring Sept 17 Pic & Vids

    Looked to me like the inside car was edging over and caused it all. Not a smart place to go three wide either. But stuff happens.
  8. Sebring Sept 17 Pic & Vids

    No longer a series for po' folks. Hell, I even heard of catered food and $4it.
  9. Our race car has not been touched and is sitting on jack stands since Road Atlanta!! So we'll be prepared as usual! HAHA, got dirt bikes to race!!!
  10. Forget Infinity and Pinto! You'll just end up standing around and watching! Come to our pit and you'll have plenty to do . Changing water pumps, replacing header bolts, retiming the engine after someone forgot to tighten the distributor properly, finding the plug wire that is burnt through enough to cause a "miss", reattaching the shifter after searching for bolts and nuts that "go together", etc. The fun never stops for us!!
  11. How would you handle gridding?

    Draw numbers at registration. And allow people to sell their spots to the highest bidder!
  12. We talked about it a few months ago but I've had a little problem with my health. Surgery on 4/14 and still not recovered yet. Long road ahead, bud.
  13. Yeah, duh, true! It's a bad ass car. Someone did do a really nice job extending the cage through the firewall and up to the front bumper though. Would love to see the "beefing up" underneath. May have to change our team name to Pot Calling The Kettle Black Racing! Love that American steel!!