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  1. I posted this on the CASC forum, but figured I'd post it here too: Is anyone in need of a part-time mechanic, either at the track, or evenings and weekends? I'm a 310S certified tech that's been out of the trade for about 1.5 years (but my licence is still current, and I still have all my tools), looking to make some extra $$ on the side. I have a bit of experience as crew for amateur racers, including a few Pirelli World Challenge events. I'm located in Whitby, so Mosport is about a 30 minute drive for me. PM me if interested, or call 289 688 8875.
  2. While I don't have the funds to drive, if you need an extra set of hands at Mosport, I'm relatively local, and an experienced auto tech.
  3. Where is Chumpcar Canada?

    Not my circus, not my monkies. But really, I don't understand people bitching out volunteers if they're not willing to help out. I have to check my schedule, but if I'm free, I may just help out at the next Mosport event, since I live close by.
  4. Where is Chumpcar Canada?

    As an outside observer (interested in participating, but lacking funds), I see lots of people bitching and whining, but no one volunteering to help out... Perhaps the old adage, 'if you don't like how it's done, do it yourself' should be considered.
  5. I watched most of the first season, but it wasn't that good, so I stopped... I didn't realize it lasted beyond that season.
  6. Official Canadian government information: http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/information/inadmissibility/ quoted from the above link: Normally, if you are inadmissible to Canada, you will not be allowed to enter. If you have a valid reason to travel to Canada, we may issue you a temporary resident permit. If you have committed or been convicted of a crime, you have a few options. If you have been convicted of driving while impaired by alcohol or drugs, you will probably be found criminally inadmissible to Canada. But as of March 1, 2012, you may be able to get a temporary resident permit for one visit without paying the C$200 processing fee. Find out more.
  7. Will do... probably the other Mosport events... depending on where you're based, I might be able to help out between events as well.
  8. Unfortunately not, I'm moving from Ottawa to Whitby on the 30th
  9. MPV clarification

    Just figured I'd ask here first in case it was a simple answer. I have no intention of breaking any rules, I just want to have fun.
  10. MPV clarification

    I'm looking at the MPV table, and I see the 2002 VW Golf/Rabbit/GTI 4-cyl as 400. I have a 2003 GTI, which is the same as the 2002 GTI, so would it be considered the same? Also, the GTI 4-cyl in that year is standard with a Turbo, but the Golf is not, so is this considered an optional factory turbo worth 100 points? Or is it considered turbo-as-standard? I'm debating whether to make this a chumpcar, or sell it for something cheap and rwd. Thanks in advance.
  11. Cool, thanks... next time I'm in the area, I'll drop by
  12. Hi all, I'm new to ChumpCar, and also the GTA. I'm moving to Whitby at the start of May, and I'm interested in helping out a local ChumpCar team. I'm not looking to drive at this time (no money), but I'd be happy to help out with the wrenching. I'm a licensed auto service tech, predominantly with Ford experience, but if it's got 4 wheels, I'm interested. Feel free to email me: eihlcommish@hotmail.com Cheers, Geoff.
  13. Mercury Cougar

    I'm not looking to win, just looking for something interesting, and maybe a little stupid
  14. I'm just curious if the 99-02 Cougar was accidentally overlooked or deliberately omitted from the MPV list. I'm looking at FoMoCo options for a future build, but I want to know the starting value of the car before any decisions are made. Thanks.
  15. Ottawa-area chumps

    I'll definetly have to di that next year... if it wasn't Thanksgiving, I'd volunteer for Mosport. Thanks for the advice.