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  1. I'm tired of spending $15-$20 per wheel to get tires mounted and I'm tired of all the hassle of cramming wheels and tires into my 2dr street car to go to the tire place. I heard that there is this thing called a 'tire iron', and that it's possible to mount a tire by hand. I figure, if it takes me 30 minutes or less per wheel to remove an old tire and mount a new one, then it's worth doing. We run size 205-50/15, Please tell me: 1) you're crazy, stick to walmart tire center runs or 2) do it! Save some money, it's not that hard and if 2) then the follow up is: 3) what tools should I buy and do you have any tricks/tips?
  2. New build, Raleigh NC

    That's a great picture! I'll keep my posts SFW..... sorry
  3. Can you clarify "torn down" for those of us who were not at this event?
  4. IT'S ONLY $9 ?!?!?!!!?!?!?! Have you used this particular one before? Does it work well for inspecting down a spark plug hole? For only $9 I think I need to have this in my garage.
  5. Yep, by bad. I forgot about your e36 swap.
  6. The rules are the same for e30 and e36... not sure what you think is different with them. I'll assume you are saying that the e30 gets easier / special treatment to continue your "woe is me e36" narrative. It was the e30 318i m50 swap which got the ball rolling on this rule. There were no e36 318i swaps.
  7. Name the specific parts.... we have threads for days where 6 guys claim that partX doesn't increase speed and half a dozen guys claim that partX does increase speed.............
  8. There are some big differences with WRL... without going into details, I agree with Huggins that he would be a long shot for a WRL overall win.
  9. Looks pretty clear to me: If you were to claim a platform swap from 1.6 to 1.8 you could use the 1.8 fuel tank. Otherwise... it looks like no. *I'm not advocating for or against... I'm just quoting the rule book*
  10. Looks like a bunch of people hijacked this thread and started posting terrible ideas? Glad most of those people aren't on the ballot/board...
  11. So I'll take that as a 'no' on: Troy Trulio Josh Chmilarski I agree with you on this matter, you are gaining standing in my decision list. I'm in exactly the same place you are. My particular standpoint is: I really don't want Troy on the board, so I need to give my votes for the top couple non-Troy candidates.
  12. Who do you most want not to be elected and why?
  13. That tire went all the way across the infield, across the front straight and hit the pit wall armco. I thought for sure someone leaving turn 11 wouldn't see it coming and run right into it.
  14. Brilliant solution to that belt routing problem! The orange BMW continues to sit in the garage... won't have time to work on it for another month... I better get out there and remove our fire suppression system, outside temps dropped to 25*F today and the garage only lags behind by about 10*F