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  1. Oh lord. No sleeping tonight. What will it be. 8
  2. Never talk about Bill's hose again. You'll loose you forum privileges. Wait that might not be punishment....
  3. I've said it a number of times, that I think its pretty hard for competitors to be the police if they don't have the information. The tech sheet showing what is claimed and what the total is gives folks what they need. There are several ways to do this. Post them on impounded cars, put them all in a note book that is available to the team captains, whatever is easy is how it should be done.
  4. Shouldn't there be some sorta count down to the new name? Isn't it supposed to be unveiled this week!
  5. Petition for Wheel Bearing Grease

    Ha. Good stuff. Up here they run skid steer tires ( solid if they can ) Those guys are serious about smashing stuff. On customer I had cut the front frame horns off, slid steel channel in welded that slide the frame back over it and welded that back on. They did not need to back into anything. Beer , dudes, and a welder leads to no good 😈
  6. Petition for Wheel Bearing Grease

    In that case, you're supposed to just smear crisco or bacon grease all over the outside of the hub. It soaks in and works reaaal goood.
  7. tear downs via blind protest?
  8. How should engine internals be policed?
  9. Control arm and heim joint points question

    I think your G-body ideas would be fun at Road America. Not so sure anywhere else. Physics gets challenging changing directions with close to 3000 lbs. The old Grand Prix is my favorite car that runs RA I want a turn in it.
  10. WTB Clean Miata

    Are you looking for a car to race in Chump? Really hard to find in the upper Midwest without big rust problems. Our race car came from AZ. It was a turd but not rusty.
  11. Which tires are the evil ones.
  12. the caveat in the rule could be, you can spend over $15 per case of beer if you bring enough for everyone. If you're under that you have to drink it all yourself. And your pit stall will be far far away from the blue rooms Just trying to get things back on track.
  13. Some thoughts on BOD job

    This is endurance racing,. 7 hours, 8 hours, 24 hrs. All endurance lengths and far beyond the specs of what production cars were meant for. The Miata was built to go 200k under normal driving conditions with tiny little 50k or higher mileage rated tires. It wasn't meant to run hour after with the pedal buried on the floor , springs 4 time the original stiffness and tires twice as wide that allow well over 1g of cornering forces. Things break, so things that make it last to the checkered flag under its own power have increased its performance in an endurance race. I am am guessing your asking about coolers and such. I would say the car that has 6 coolers and is still on track is way faster than the broken one. So the "only there for reliability" parts helped make it faster. One thing that is available to everyone that make cars more reliable is a rev limiter. 😀. If oil coolers fall into some sort of free reliability parts category, do we also get free differential upgrades and hubs and axles and and and? It's seems like a slippery slope to me. I really think we have have to stop making performance, and part of performance is getting to the finish, parts free. At some point teams have to choose, 1, that extra bit of tuning that gets us 3 mph on the straights or 2. getting to the end of the race. Lots of fast cars get there now, as folks have learned and gotten much better with their builds and prep.